The Coach Leader is the leader of the 2.0 world (I)

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A coach leader is “the person who enables another individual or a group of people to achieve common goals based on their own effort and performance, which they wouldn’t achieve without their guidance”.

In a competitive world, developing this leadership marks the difference between success and failure in a company.

Our teams are the reflection of our leadership, so we need to bring them guidance, confidence, optimism and motivation.

How do coach leaders manage people?

  1. They empower the team. They make the team feel front stage and know how to stay in the backdrop.
  2. They build responsibility and commitment, which enables the team to share the organization’s objectives.
  3. They network, staying in touch with the latest trends that emerge to conver them into powerful tools that can be applied to their work.
  4. They are coherent with what they think, say and do. They transmit that coherence so that any challenge can be assumed by the organization and the team without any doubts.
  5. They give access to information and resources to make the right decision. They give all the information necessary for their team and the resources needed for managing it.
  6. They work with them to choose the most suitable option to solve each problem, enabling them to make decisions quickly.
  7. They are able to exercise assertiveness in collective decision-making. As a conscious, congruent, clear, direct and balanced way of expression, whose purpose is to communicate ideas and defend their position without aiming to hurt or harm, acting from an inner state of self-confidence.
  8. They are always positive thinking and have ability to make changes in the team or in procedures so that they are accepted and taken on board easily.
  9. They master Verbal and Non-Verbal language and active listening, meaning they can take the right decisions that benefit the organization.
  10. They become involved in continuous personal growth and learning processes , which are usedto enhance their performance and that of their team.

Eduardo Sanz (@esanzm) is entrepreneur, coach and founder of Directivos en Acción.

And in your company, are you being led by someone with this profile or are you still with a pseudoleader?