The Coach Leader is the leader of the 2.0 world (II)

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

Last week we spoke about how a coach leader manages people. Today we will continue to discuss this type of leader as the defender of sustainable leadership: “that transcends people to be installed in organizations that lead, last over time, and are successful”.

A coach leader believes that “we are all important, no one is indispensable”, they work to surround themselves with the best, prefer to manage people with potential, and develop them as a key part of their role, they are not afraid nor worried about their position, they put the“we” before “I” and their management directly impacts the balance sheet.

Whoever applies this leadership model achieves major loyalty among the team; they manage to infuse anyone and everyone they meet in business with that spirit, no matter what department they come from; and create a true “company spirit”.

The coach leader bases their leaderships on others and not on themselves.

  • Treat others like you want them to treat you
  • Build up a network of contacts and give added value to that network,get out and network.
  • Work on that “I” to build the “We”. Be yourself.
  • Give always without expecting anything in return.
  • Keep your mind open and clear.
  • Have a plan and execute it with passion. Not with enthusiasm, but passion.
  • Invest in yourself. You’ll soon see that if you need a leader, that it is only you.
  • Talent is there, success is built. Know yourself. Practise your skills (they’re there; you just have to discover them), find a coach to guide you on that learning and continuous growth.
  • Be flexible and creative. “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” said Steve Jobs.
  • Work as a team. Doing it alone is much more difficult than in company. When the work of a great leader finishes, people say: we did it!

And use the 3 basic resources a great leader needs to have: common sense, critical thinking, and a sense of humor.

Eduardo Sanz (@esanzm) is entrepreneur, coach and founder of Directivos en Acción.