Types of toxic bosses (II)

Today I’ll continue presenting the types of toxic boss, following on from the first lot I gave yesterday.

Peter Pan boss: they live in a fantasy world. In the company, full warfare could be going on, but if you ask them how things are going, they’ll say ‘great’.

Mate boss: Obsessed with getting on well with everyone and inable to make criticism. If they have to evaluate their team, they suffer.

Reconciling boss: They can’t stand conflicts. They won’t speak poorly of anyone, they just want to live and work in peace and harmony.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde boss: They can seem like the most pleasant boss in the world, worried about the personal life of their employees, and the next, a perverse person who leaves victims along the way, knocked out by the fear of how to talk to them the next time.

Rambo boss: An expert in guerrilla warfare. They believe that their mission in the company is to win a war and are willing to break their back in the process.

Couldn’t-care-less boss: They never change, no problem is big enough to not play it down. They’re only worried about their paycheck at the end of the month.

Hermit boss: They don’t usually leave their office and if there’s no other choice, they look uncomfortable and want to return to their haven.

Scrooge McDuck boss: only worried about one thing in the company: money.

Roman emperor boss: exudes arrogance whereever they go and they are the happiest person you’ve ever met.

Celebrity boss: What they like most in the world is to attend a party. Their main concerns is that their name can be read on the sign, in the caption and in the press release.

Manic boss: They make employees feel uneasy in the same way as Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde, but the difference is they don’t switch between being a good-natured person or a perverse being, rather between being the happiest on Earth or the most unlucky and negative person ever in the history of the organization.

Sonia Rodríguez Muriel (@sonia_rmuriel) is passionate about Human Resources. She is HR and Media Director at the Andalusian Agency for Innovation and Development IDEA.