Social learning driving business competitiveness

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Editor’s note: Virginio Gallardo has give us permission to post this article from his blog where he talks about how Enterprise Social Networks are creating the scenario necessary for learning of the future: social, practical, natural and daily.

The increase in complexity of the business environment and the evolution of knowledge mean that professional learning is gaining important. However learning of the future will be different to what we know at the moment, it will be social learning. A way of learning that is more related with daily work. We will learn without being conscious of the fact that we are learning. New social technologies, enterprise social networks, will build this new environment.

Learning 2.0.

Social learning is a “natural” learning without effort, focused on resolving problems and enhancing our professional competency. It is a learning that happens through conversations, examples or observation. Social networks mean that these conversations are fast and omnipresent (dimensions of space and time don’t matter).

Social learning is an organizational learning that accelerates organizational development or cultural change and has major transforming power.

The executive as community manager

Accelerating personal learning to achieve productivity is not a simple task. It requires organizations being willing to create these new work systems. It requires giving importance to collective intelligence, collaboration and sharing.

The efficiency of these new environments requires extensive understanding of this phenomenon by its leaders, who must establish the rules and the optimum framework for conversations.

Executives must lead these new environments, communities, that dominate the psychosocial processes that ensure efficiency in productive conversations, who make these new network structures dynamic.

The need for innovation will affect small and large enterprises, private and public organizations, all departments of the company. Social learning is the future; we will continue learning from our experience and our colleagues, but it will require greater sophistication, it will acquire more importance and social technologies will increase their impact on business competitiveness in an unprecedented way.

Virginio Gallardo (@virginiog) is Director of Humannova, a HR consultancy specialized in helping lead innovation in companies and manage the organizational transformation. He is author of the book “Liderazgo transformacional” and coordinator of Liderazgo e Innovación 2.0. This post was published originally on his blogSupervivencia Directiva”, where you can follow his thoughts.