Networked society: the power lies with whoever knows how to share and locate knowledge

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The Internet has revolutionized our way of communicating and connecting. Before we only could connect with people who were physically close to us; now distances no longer matter. We changed towards a networked society.

Connectivism emerges as a theory to explain the changes that originate in technology in society. The theory as such tends to disappear and now what matters is where information is and who has that information.

Connected information sets mean our knowledge increases on a global scale. From there, the need not to learn but to classify information and finding criteria to differentiate what is important from what is necessary emerges.

With the Internet, we can access all that information. Knowledge becomes global and collaboration becomes a requirement.

The term networked society stops short, a new meaning of Collaborationism has arisen.

From Connectivism or networked society to Collaborationism

The word collaborationism derives from the French collaborationniste, term attributed to everything associated with cooperating with the enemy. The “collaborationists” are usually such for different reasons: ideological affinity, empathy for the enemy or coincidence in objectives, although they can also be such under duress or fear or to seek profits, prosperity or favors.

In my opinion a new theory has emerged, collaborationism, not just applied to the way of collaborating in difficult times, but also to shared knowledge even with those who could be enemies. People tend to cooperate to share knowledge and access to it.

The power will not lie with whoever has knowledge and does not share it, the power will lie with whoever knows how to share and increase their knowledge.

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