CEOs need to become Social CEOs

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At a moment in which our personal and professional lives have become social, asking ourselves if CEOs need to use social media is pointless. The answer is absolutely.

The CEO must be the first to adopt social attitudes to be followed by other employees. Management must be the first to be convinced about the benefits of being a social company in order for those ‘social genes’ to extend to the entire organization. If CEOs aren’t present in social media, they will be hard-pressed to get this type of internal communication to extend throughout the company.

However, there are CEOs who continue to resist being social. An investigation states that only 29.7% of the CEOs on the Fortune500 are present in a social network.

CEOs’ participation in social networks provides benefits

Fortunately, executives’ resistance to communicate via social media is decreasing. A study by Weber Shandwick and KRC Research concludes that most executives (76%) think it is a good idea for CEOs to use social media.
The Social CEO: Executives Tell All reveals information on CEOs’ social ability. Executives want their CEOs to utilize social networks for a myriad of reasons: employees are already on the social networks, meaning that their CEOs also participating instills a positive feeling among employees. CEOs are considered better leaders when they are present, as opposed to those who aren’t.

A Social CEO is essential for driving the 2.0 culture

Their participation in social media is essential for driving a 2.0 culture. Transparent communication from a CEO inspires confidence in employees. In any case, the presence of a CEO on the network provides more benefits than one who isn’t present.

If your management doesn’t see the benefits of being an enterprise 2.0, you will have a hard time making the strategy succeed in the organization. To convince them about the benefits of using social corporate communication methods, check out our whitepaper: How to convince your boss?