New Zyncro App for Android. Download it and discover the next mobile generation for your company!

Estimated reading time + video: 4 minutes

At Zyncro we continue working so that you can have your office on your mobile and access all your company’s information using our native apps. So, when you’re traveling, on route, or working from the beach, you can still continue to access and share everything that is happening in your organization with your mobile Enterprise Social Network from anywhere, at any time. Because your company doesn’t disappear when you leave the office.

Today we’ve launched version 2.0 of our app for Android, with a completely redesigned interface: simpler navigation, better user experience, and improvements in speed, operation, and stability.

Of all the new features, the highlight is the introduction of side navigation bar, which does away with the previous design and helps us give you the same experience using your Enterprise Social Network on your mobile as on the web.

What’s more, with this new version of Zyncro for Android you can:

  • Experience enriched display of photos and links
  • Follow and stop following members and departments in your Enterprise Social Network
  • Select favorite groups and departments for quicker access to the sections you use most, optimizing your time and enhancing your productivity
  • Search, access and join open groups
  • Browse your documents more intuitively thanks to a new horizontal navigation system using folders
  • Create folders, upload files and generate Zlinks to share documents with your co-workers
  • Directly access the last files you have downloaded, so you can easily continue the tasks you are working on
  • Optimize communication with your co-workers thanks to an improved people directory
  • Access users’ profiles by clicking on their photo, so you can find out more about and send messages easily to other people who work in your network.

NOTE: To start to use this totally new version you need to DOWNLOAD THE NEW ZYNCRO FOR ANDROID APP HERE. Delete the old version from your terminal and install the new one you download. A simple step to enjoy all the improvements of the Android for Zyncro 2.0 app.

Start to discover the new design and features of Zyncro Mobile in your Android device by downloading the new version from Google Play. If you still haven’t got a Zyncro account, register now and start to see the benefits of a mobile Enterprise Social Network.