Big Data and opportunities in digital marketing strategies

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Information PuzzleAlthough a vast amount of information is generated by social network profiles, often this information is not leveraged sufficiently by brands.

The penetration of Facebook, Twitter, tumblr and even Google+ enables consumers to generate comments, doubts, opinions, complaints, notes, etc. that give a company vital information on the new trends that are developing in terms of changing tastes or attitudes of social network users.

So how should we use or manage such information?

Obviously information management systems that are capable of storing and distinguishing this vast amount of data are needed, but having super hardware is not enough. A strategic team capable of defining the structure and hierarchy of everything being generated in the web regarding the brand or product is required. For example:

The profile of Adidas Originals on FB constantly posts new model of its well-known apparel, which starts off a series of comments on how great they look, how creative the design is, etc. but one constant remains as a question mark for their followers: Where can I buy it? Eureka! We’ve found an important insight for our consumers.

It is a good idea to show them through this channel any launches or models the brand wants to drive, but the effort is shattered when consumers don’t know where they can get it. With this discovery, several actions can be triggered:

  1. Reply, giving the stores where they can be found.
  2. Create an app within the profile that enables them to locate the stores.
  3. When they click on the photo, redirect them to an online store where they can buy the item.

This is a very simple example of what can be deciphered from the comments of the consumers who end up acquiring our products, and guess what?!… we didn’t have to hold a focus group or a market study to get this type of data!

Eduardo Zamora (@amudiel) is Strategic Director in the Mexican integrated communication agency ifahto.He has participated for more than 12 years in the creative and strategic concept of integrated marketing for mass consumer companies. His main achievements with his clients are: meet sales goals, brand recollection, increase in market participation, create brand awareness in digital and traditional media, etc.