Zyncro 4.1: Welcome to Marketplace, improved task management, more options for your personal activity, improved security and the new ZyncroChat 3.0

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After several months’ intense work by all our team, today we are proud to present Zyncro version 4.1. In this new version we have introduced major new developments that represent an evolution in our product and enable us to continue offering you the Enterprise Social Network that best adapts to your organization’s needs.

Among the main changes in Zyncro version 4.1, we’d like to highlight the launch of our ZyncroApps Marketplace, improved task management, more options for your files and personal activity, greater security, greater personalization for administrators of your Enterprise Social Network, the new ZyncroChat 3.0, and two new languages for Zyncro users: Portuguese (Portugal) and Dutch.

Want to find out more about all the new developments included in Zyncro 4.1? Continue reading and we’ll tell you all about them :)

1. The new Zyncro Marketplace

From today, you have an interactive user-friendly gallery in which you can see all our ZyncroApps grouped into categories, which will be visible and operate from:

  • The Administrator’s Panel of your Zyncro. From here, if you are administrator, you can enable, disable, configure and vote the ZyncroApps and integrations.
  • The Zyncro web. If you are Zyncro administrator and connected to your Network, from here you can access the ZyncroApps in the Administrator’s panel in a single click. If you aren’t an administrator and visit our web, you can share the information on ZyncroApps and integrations that you find interesting on Facebook, Twitter or on your Enterprise Social Network, either publically with your followers or with your Zyncro administrator via private message.
Zyncro Marketplace

User can also rate ZyncroApps from the ZyncroApps section of their profile, where the same design as in the Administrator’s Panel has been implemented, but only with access to the ZyncroApps available for users (not for the organization)

2. Improved task management

Zyncro 4.1 brings you a rehauled version of the native task management system in our Enterprise Social Network. More user-friendly and efficient. Thanks to it, you can:

  • Edit and create tasks from the same window, with an advanced creation and edit mode for those who use this feature frequently.
  • Create subtasks associated with a main task
  • Receive notifications and reminders for pending tasks
  • Sort priorities using a drag&drop system
  • Attach files to specific tasks
  • Review the change history and messages for each task

3. New “My Personal Activity” section

We’ve created a new section for each Zyncro user called “My Personal Activity”. With this version, both from the right panel in the Home screen > My Personal Space as well as from the Groups > My Personal Space, each user can access a personal and private area where they can access:

  • Private messages to themselves as notes or reminders (Subsection: Messages)
  • Log of actions performed on files, tasks and even in the future with some ZyncroApps in this personal space (Subsection: Messages)
  • Personal reading of RSS sources (Subsection: Messages)
  • Personal files (Subsection: Files)
  • Personal tasks (Subsection: Tasks)
You can also receive email notifications of this content by activating the “Receive messages on my personal activity” option in the General section of “Configure Notifications” in your user profile.

4. Improved security with a stronger password policy

Zyncro 4.1 includes new options for defining the password policy implemented by organizations for their users. Now organization administrators can define aspects such as how often users should be asked to change their passwords, the minimum number of characters it must contain, whether a combination of uppercase and lowercase should be used, and if special characters are allowed or not.

5. Greater personalization options for administrators

  • Default notification configuration. By group, department, category, location, and for general aspects, administrators can decide the default values for sending notifications to new users.
  • Configuration of permissions for deleting own messages. Organization administrators can decide whether to grant permissions to users to delete their messages posted in Zyncro, as an advanced moderation measure
  • Numeric management of storage space assignment. With this version, the amount of MB or GB assigned to a user can be managed directly in numbers, without having to use the sliding bar.

6. New ZyncroChat 3.0

Together with Zyncro 4.1 comes version 3.0 of Zyncro’s chat, which is faster and better, including:

  • Group chat. You can create temporary chatrooms to hold multi-user conversations.
  • Integration with GoogleTalk, so you can access contacts from both platforms in a single solution
  • Advanced features in sending message: Transliteration of 20 alphabets, option to send files through chat, possibility of sending handwritten texts, and greater range of icons.
  • More options in conversation management: delete message history, and download history at any time.


7. And what’s more.. Portuguese (Portugal), Dutch, and refined searches

Apart from the major developments described, Zyncro has evolved in the following aspects

  • New languages: from now on, Zyncro is also available in Portuguese (Portugal) and Dutch.
  • Minor improvements in the search:
    • When searching, the section that appears first in the search results will be the section or subsection where the user is located when performing the search.
    • The hashtag (#) will be treated as another alphanumerical character in search processes, so that the results are more exact.

Start to enjoy all the new features and get the most out of your Enterprise Social Network with Zyncro 4.1. What are you waiting for? And if you have any questions, you can contact us at soporte (@) zyncro.com

And if you still don’t have a Zyncro account, you can start to use Zyncro free by registering here.