GTD: Your Personal Productivity requires Control and Perspective

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Editor’s note: At Zyncro we like to help people and organizations to increase their levels of personal productivity. Today we’d like to share with you an adaptation of this post by Miguel Bolívar on our Spanish blog.

What marks the difference between people who are fairly unproductive and those that are highly productive? The difference lies in a process, actions that change the way you focus your attention.

Some symptoms that you need greater levels of control and perspective are:

– You’d like to reduce your stress levels
– You get distracted more than seems normal
– You lack the balance between different areas of your life
– You miss having a higher level of energy and motivation
– You feel you are not taking advantage of your entire potential
– You seek greater clarity
– You would like to manage your projects better, use time better and look after your relationship with other people
– You want more freedom

The requirements for achieving any of the previous results are simple: you need organization and focus. Their order doesn’t matter.

You can organize yourself first and then focus things appropriately or first establish your priorities and then organize yourself. But doing things in an organized way and focusing them appropriately is essential for all aspects of life.

Achieving the balance between being organized and having your priorities is relatively easy. The hard part is keeping it that way.

Organizing yourself and prioritizing has gone from being a simple, effective method.. When your surroundings are no longer stable, “organizing yourself” has to give way to “keeping control” and “prioritizing” to “clarifying objectives in several vital areas”.

The solution does not lie with a miracle tool nor in child-like thinking to improve our “time management“. In fact, the main problem of most solutions is they continue pretending that you “organize yourself better” instead of “taking and keeping control”.

Control and perspective are two sides of the same coin. Both are essential and your personal productivity will be defined by that you manage worse.