Uses of Enterprise Social Networks: Socializing knowledge

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Editor’s note: At Zyncro we always talk about the need to share knowledge in organizations and for that reason, we’ve been driven to start this series of posts on the blog. With it, we will share with you some of the ideas from the members of team on what use they see for Enterprise Social Networks in companies. We’ve started by asking Joan Villalta and this is what he has responded. We hope you find it interesting! 😉

Concern about managing how knowledge is spread among a group of people is nothing new. Town criers at the medieval courts and in towns, public announcements, notes, newspapers, radios, televisions, emails, distribution lists, internet.

And what about companies? Organizations 1.0 resign themselves to posting information and hoping employees will find it. They manage, to a greater or lesser degree, to transfer some knowledge. But that transfer is limited, and often subject to purely individual skills, motivations, and interests.

Enterprise Social Networks socialize knowledge. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you search for information actively or not. Mostly the people themselves with whom you work push that information towards you . Who better than your department co-workers, colleagues in your project, group or water-cooler buddies to let you know about whatever might have escaped your ‘radar’?

Joan Villalta is Vice-President of Producto at Zyncro. His career is linked with IT since 1988, where he has participated intensively both in commercializing product design in innovative companies like NTRglobal, Panda Software or more recently, Addfleet.