Willing to try out the benefits of Enterprise Social Networks?

Estimated reading time + video: 3 minutos

At Zyncro we know that one of the key aspects for a company in deciding to implement an Enterprise Social Network is ROI of the tool. If you want to convince your boss to implement one in your organization, don’t abstractly talk about the cultural transformation needed, or try to scaremonger them into what will happen if they miss the boat that many other companies are climbing onboard successfully. Start by talking to them about the benefits and the return on investment. That’s what they’ll be interested about achieving and measuring.

The need to explain to companies the ROI of Enterprise Social Networks is what made us create this infographic. Now we’ve animated it in a video. The data speak for themselves: the return is clear to see and easy to quantify. Are you ready to measure it?

Carlos Zapater (@zaparl) is Audiovisual Content Manager at Zyncro. With a diploma in Teaching and a degree in Audiovisual Communication from UPF, he has worked for several European producers such as Filmtel-DVDreams and Infinia.