Zyncro joins Intel at the ‘In touch with the future’ event along with companies such as SAP, HP and Fujitsu

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Zyncro continues to participate in the most relevant European business technology events providing its vision and experience on corporate collaboration tools. Zyncro is taking part in the event In touch with the future‘ in Stockholm, Paris, Madrid and Munich organized by Intel in various European cities and speaking about how technology is changing the world and the way in which companies work.

What will be discussed?

Under the event title, leading companies such as SAP, Fujitsu, HP and Lenovo that have been brought together to reflect upon how technology is changing the way we work and making us more productive.

Working styles are mutating within this new environment; improved mobility, connectivity and productivity have all become essential factors. And Enterprise Social Networks have been said to be crucial for the needed transformation of organizational business processes.

What involvement will Zyncro have?

Zyncro will attend the event offering its expert knowledge of social and mobile media.  One of the event’s objectives is to demonstrate how solutions developed with Intel and Windows 8 arquitecture are at the cutting edge of these changes.  And in line with this, Zyncro has been invited to participate as the leading Enterprise Social Network solution paying special attention to its application specifically designed for Windows 8.

Zyncro will have a stand in the Exhibition Area where there will be demonstrations of the Windows 8 version of its application APP ON for Telefonica.  It is an application used by the entire sales force at Telefonica Latin America in order for it to remain permanently connected.  With a presence in 14 countries and 3,800 users, APP ON has allowed the company to transform the sales process, speed up access to documents and sales tools, unify styles and processes and through increasing processes and results, generating a community of sales people that is mobile, motivated, connected and integrated.

At the Madrid event, Zyncro will also give one of the talks included in the agenda. Ana Fernández, Zyncro Manager Director, will lead the session “The reality of Enterprise Social Networks today: uses and tendencies”.  Within this, and based on Zyncro’s experience with its client base within Europe, Asia and Latin America,  the main business advantages of implementing social systems within organizations will be discussed.

Who is it aimed towards?

  • Business Directors that wish to explore new possibilities in the development of sales functions and its associated operations
  • IT Directors in search of more attractive business solutions for its users
  • CIOs and CTOs with the need for long term strategic vision into the evolution of consumerization, mobility and social media
  • IT Professionals with a focus on analyzing the potential of current and upcoming technologies as well as the implementation of appropriate strategies


After participating in this event in Stockholm last week, Zyncro will take part at the ‘In touch with the future’ events in Paris (2nd October), Madrid, (3rd October) and Munich (8th October).  You will find information about each venue on each of the event websites as well as the free access registration form.

If you are interested in attending this event to discuss business future, register now for free and we will see you there!