Do you want your documents to be more social? Use Box with Zyncro

Estimated Reading time + video: 3 minutes

A couple of months ago we launched the integration of Box with Zyncro. With this integration, as we already did with Dropbox and GoogleDrive, we continue working to make your documents more social. We work to convert your Enterprise Social Network into the unique access door of all the knowledge and tools that you need day to day.

Thanks to this integration, you will be able to access from your Zyncro all the documentation that you have in Box, share information, make comments in the files, create tasks, and much more. Connect your Box account to your Enterprise Social Network and begin to enjoy the best access of your organizations’ knowledge in the cloud.

Do you want to see how it works? We have prepared this video in which we highlight the main functions for you.

Discover the details of this integration en our marketplace and recommend it to your Enterprise Social Network administrator. If you need more information, write us at sales (@) or call us at +34 93 187 03 22 and we will inform you.