6 Characteristics of a Collaborative Leader

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

In a time when the need to continually repeat existing collaboration among employees in companies, it is more necessary than ever to be clear about the fundamental pillars to correctively build this collaborative work environment. I spoke once before of what the good habits are of collaborative organizations. And today I would like to dwell on the role of those who lead these organizations.

For the success of collaborative work models, the first thing that should exist is the conviction about the benefits of those who lead them. It is imperative that they have clear what the characteristics they should care for are in order for collaboration to take the  form of triumphant work.

1. Define and pursue a common objective. A team is a group of people that works together with a common goal. Without this shared goal, there is no team. Without a goal, the group will not have motivation, nor a meaning.

2. Listen and be patient. It is important to allow any member of the team to express their ideas and have their ideas taken into account in the establishment of tactics and priorities. It must be handled with understanding and not losing serenity at the moment of confronting problems.

3. Trust. Teamwork requires trust in the wisdom of others.

4. Define roles. A collaborative leader must be able to define the  role of each team member seeking maximum efficiency.

5. Communication skills.  To stream objectives, understand the needs of the team or recognize the efforts and achievements. Also, to connect everyone in the organization with the enterprise’s business goals and convey corporate needs.

6.  Appreciate and manage diversity. The more different and complementary the members of a team are, the better. A leader must see the benefit in a team composed of various personnel and be prepared to handle it. So you better take advantage of the diverse talent.

These are just a few of the characteristics of a collaborative leader. But there are many more. I am sure we have left one out that you consider important. So, tell us about it in the comment section!

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Ana Asuero (@aasuero) works as Social Media Manager at Zyncro. She is an expert in corporate digital communication, social media and social media marketing. She has previously worked on institutional communication, media planning, advertising campaign strategy and market analysis projects.