Enterprise Social Networks and E-learning: The Combination of Success to Improve Company Performance

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Enterprise Social Networks are an essential part of communication and collaboration within any company. But its quantity of benefits are not limited to the two previous matters. Luckily, technology allows us to increasingly extend its radius of action to any individual in an organization, whether it be administrative staff, or to those who  perform their work in the field.

What would be the benefits that an employee could find within a communication network within their company?

Training: The growth of knowledge, including skills, will directly affect the results that we look for with each team member, without neglecting the fact that it can enlarge your résumé professionally.

Recognition: The achievements that an individual attains at work are not always celebrated and this can work against any employer. It is of great importance to establish strategies that insure an accurate evaluation of an employee’s’ activities and generate acknowledgments.

Incentives or alternate earnings:  Counting with variable schemes that encourage individual workers to overcome the objectives sought at a general level, it converts into a tool that will give you that extra push, allowing to put aside conformity to seek results.

From the three pillars defined above, we will detail the magical combination that will allow us to align all these efforts in only one channel so as to not divert any action and to harness the energy of a single solution:

Enterprise Social Networks + e-learning platforms

E-learning or distance learning allows us to reach a greater audience with the same resources, or even less,  what would take the form of traditional education, using additional technology to create interactive environments that reach out to capture greater attention from our recipient.

Different learning strategies exist, measurements and incentives that can structure inside a training program through digital media, that live within our enterprise social network and can integrate to this in a simple way. I will share some of them:

  1. Coaching On-line: If we put a figure of support within the company to advise us of specific issues, we can detect threats from the moment they emerge and may prevent irreversible damage.

  2. Virtual Workshops / Webinars:  Together with sales specialists, customer service, or human resources, classroom courses may be done online or by modules that have a direct impact with opportunity areas that have been identified or want strengthening.

  3. Evaluation vía Gamification: Playful spaces can be created where knowledge tests can be conducted with a rewards approach. The best scores can lead a global board of winners or receive digital awards, or badges, that can accompany your avatar within the social network.

  4. Incentive Programs: In each area, achievement goals must be defined, so that once this is done, you can work on a number of achievements to be attained by each employee, and earn a prize.

Eduardo Zamora (@amudiel) is Strategic Director in the Mexican integrated communication agency ifahto. He has had the change to participate for more than 12 years in the creative and strategic concept of integrated marketing for mass consumption companies. The main achievements reached with the clients he has collaborated with are: meet sales goals, brand recollection, increase in market participation, creation of brand awareness in digital and traditional media, etc.