Collaborative Environments and Brand Management: All in one

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Lately, for work issues, I attend some meetings with multinational companies. I am a witness to how the biggest companies attempt to communicate their strategies and sales pitches to their global brand teams looking for opinion uniformity. I think a great job of internal marketing is when in just a few hours, it is intended that all team members from teams in different countries, become aware of what their company has done differently and its products from the competition.  It is also, I believe, an important storytelling task: It is vital that these employees listen, understand, enjoy themselves and share the story that the brand wants to explain about itself in order to clearly move it and get their clients passionate about it.

However, management of a worldwide brand is a complex issue that is not resolved in occasional hotel meetings. Looking for all to go to one, and at the same time respecting the specifics of each market, the biggest companies know that it is necessary to create synergies and collective work environments that facilitate the design of global strategies to work in one coordinated way. In this sense, the constant exchange of information and experiences are very important, as is to establish the means to be able to carry out common planning processes. Having an accessible business communication system, interactive and agile is basic: it can function as a global knowledge bank and at the same time as a permanent meeting place which ensures that objectives, positioning, strategy, identity, vision, mission, etc. are shared by the company’s employees.

Digital mediums have allowed the discovery of new ways to overcome this interaction and to exceed the idea of the annual meeting as the main guarantor of coordination among dispersed teams.  Intranets, forums, corporate blogs and online meetings are tools that have been incorporated to internal marketing work of many enterprises. Now, collaborative tools 2.0 such as enterprise social networks can help us facilitate even more internal company communication, enabling real dialogue, rich and fluid that contribute to better brand management and participation that fosters a sense of belonging and employee commitment in their company’s discourse.

Manel Alcalde (@manelalcalde) is a creative writer and audiovisual communicator. On his personal blog, Nionnioff, he writes about the world of creativity and communication.

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