New Business Strategy Execution Models in a Changing World- Boston Summit involving Dídac Lee, Founder and President of Zyncro

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The coming 30th and 31st of October, experts in organizational processes from the biggest firms will meet in Boston to reflect on the profound changes that companies are experiencing in the XXI century at the summit “Executing Strategy in a changing world“, organized by the consulting firm PalladiumHarvard Business Review and The Economist The event will take place in Boston.  

These changes are related to alterations with internal processes such as the transmission of corporate culture, co-creation as a form of innovation arrival, internal strategy execution or the development of human capital; processes that are acquiring more and more relevance in management plans of organizations.

In this context, the summit will bring together public leaders, executives and members of various governments responsible for directing and executing strategies to drive change and innovation in their organizations.  Together, they will examine what the necessary changes are, what the factors are to promote those changes and share their vision about how to orient leadership in an effective manner and align their organizations for better decision-making.

Dídac Lee, Founder and President of Zyncro, will be a part of the panel of experts debating “How do organizations execute their strategies and construct organizational alignment?” He will present his vision along with Bruce Harris, Vice President and Director of Risk and Strategy at VW Credit; Michael Novelli, Vice President Global Operations and Engineering Intergen; and Michael Wege, Vice President, Growth and Marketing Director at The Hersey Company.

Dídac will discuss how Enterprise Social Networks are driving a new way companies function, and how they are becoming networking structures, of which each one of its members forms part of a whole. These members receive, contribute and construct the daily corporate project.  Hierarchical barriers soften, the boundaries between countries become thin, the workplace remains a binding aspect to the performance and strategy of the company that is built from the contributions of all members, including one’s own employees, partners, external partners, investors, customers, analysts … regardless of their contractual relationship with the core of the company.

Patricia Fernández Carrelo (@pfcarrelo) is a true expert in treatment of digital content, communication and knowledge management generated within the company. She began her career as a researcher and lecturer at various European Universities in the field of digital processing of multilingual information. After working in the world of web location for large companies, she specialized in 2.0 communication flows, performing succesful tasks of a consultant and a trainer for various companies. Currently, Patricia is the International Marketing Director at Zyncro, coordinating the market positioning strategy, branding and distribution, as well as the methodological processes that result from the implementation and use of enterprise social networks.