The Value of a Company is not Measured by Money

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes

We can have talent in front of our noses and sometimes do not realize it. We all have capabilities to exploit, a series of characteristics that makes us unique and special. However, many people never get to develop them. Why? Because fear blocks them. It costs us to try new things, to investigate, be creative, or take risks. We are afraid of losing it all, even though in reality we don’t have anything to lose.

This does not happen only between individuals, rather in companies that tend to see changes more reluctantly.  In most cases, decisions are made solely on the basis of “the numbers”, that are important, but they are not everything and, moreover, often do not improve just because of not innovating nor thinking strategically.

At the end of each year, companies often present their accounts: their fiscal balance, sales levels, national and international expansion…But, do they perhaps speak of the level of achievement of workers, the degree of fellowship, or their training needs? How much time does a company dedicate to consider whether their workers feel proud and happy to be part of the project?  Is a good working environment promoted with leisure times to strengthen personal ties?  Many people may think that’s not the job of a company, and they have the right to think so, but I think that has a high impact on the results and the survival of a business, whatever it is.

People’s lives revolve around their moods. No one acts in the same way when they are happy, than when they are sad. When someone feels satisfied with themselves, that’s when they get frustrated. Many of our negative emotions emerge because we don’t know how to manage our daily lives. The lack of trust between a worker and his superior can lead to the worker not daring to submit new proposals in this environment, and the company loses a good business opportunity and the worker feels undervalued. A poor relationship between colleagues can pull down an important project, and an employee with low self esteem will never yield one hundred percent. 

Work is not a place to heal our troubles. It is true. But companies that invest resources in fostering values such as illusion, self-confidence, passion, fellowship, the management of emotions, the loss of fear to try new things…will give a qualitative jump that without a doubt, will translate in a quantitative jump of greater proportions.  Basically you could say that investing in the welfare of workers is the biggest “act of selfishness” of a business, as there is nothing like giving to receive.

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Sandra Bravo Ivorra (@Sandra_BI) is a founding partner of BraveSpinDoctors, a strategic communications consultancy and political marketing.