Enterprise Social Networking and Coaching: how to make a positive impact on the company integrating both tools

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

When a business owner or director is coached, he/she lives with the challenge of everything that they have learned permeating with their partners in the organization. People perceive their leader, after finishing a coaching session, will leave the session with renewed energy, with different ideas of the status quo and with motivation to implement immediate changes in the company or department. However, there is no clarity in why business owners or directors are making these decisions and how partners can contribute to the changes given to them.

An excellent support tool for people to become clear of all the reasons changes are made, are enterprise social networks. Remember that a coaching process focuses on the company becoming more profitable, more efficient and to allow partners to align with the vision of the leaders of the company.

How does an enterprise social network contribute to the achievement of these objectives?

First, since it is currently being integrated into the workplace, they are an attractive tool for the generations born in the late eighties. They are also an opportunity for older people to share their knowledge and experience with these new incoming youth.

One of the initial proposals in a coaching process is to define the vision, mission, values and goals of the company or of the coached area. And by definition, I mean, not to become a nice picture on the wall or information that is on the website and in the company’s promotional materials, and that really few or no one in the company knows, let alone lives it. The company vision is the biggest objective to achieve. So big so as to implicate and inspire the entire team. The values are established and defined to live everyday by all the elements of the company. The goals must be worked through using small daily advances in key tasks that, if specified firmly, will lead us to that goal given on its own. Enterprise Social Networks are perfect platforms that transmit, and most importantly, they reinforce this key information for the company. And, consequently, increasing the sense of belonging among employees.

Moreover, enterprise social networks help us capitalize one of the main motivators for an employee, to have the power to express their voice, a privilege previously contemplated as exclusive for managers or senior managers. Therefore, the company will live with distributed leadership among its employees and greater cooperation between them.

A fundamental step in the coaching process is “leverage”.  This means the systems and tools that will support sustained growth of the company. Without a doubt, enterprise social networks are the perfect lever to achieve this objective. I am convinced that companies that decide to take advantage of this tool will have a competitive head start against their competitors. Time will tell if I am right.

 Rodrigo Escobedo (@TuActionCOACH ) is a Business Coach certified by ActionCOACH, the International Business Coaching Institute and the Asociación Mexicana de Coaches de Negocios. His studies include Civil Engineering at ITESM Monterrey Campus, and an MBA from HEC Montréal. He has over 11 years of work experience in Mexico and Canada. He is a certified trainer for PDA Institute to enable the SAP channels in Latin America. He is a specialist in SME’s, Entrepreneur Development, Finance and Human Resources.  Among his achievements he has coached over 200 companies directly focused on increasing business profits, for owners to work less hours and the team of collaborators of these companies are more aligned with the vision and philosophy of the owner.