Zyncro Mention – Enrich your Enterprise Social Network conversations

Cite other users with Mention in your messages and power collaboration!

Estimated Reading Time + video: 4 minutes

Today, we would like to introduce you to this ZyncroApp with which you will be able to enrich your conversations in your Enterprise Social Network by incorporating those users who are connected to the subject you are talking about.  In this way you can help them discover information in an agile and simple way in which they are interested and could be missing out otherwise.

With the ZyncroApp Mention you will be able to mention anyone of your Zyncro contacts in messages and comments that you publish in your Enterprise Social Network.

Mentioning someone is so simple, just type  ‘@’ and continue with the persons’ name whom you would like to mention. Zyncro will suggest a list of contacts whose names or surnames appear with the letters you have written.

With Mention you will be able to include in a publication or discussion thread users of whom the topic of conversation may be of interest to them. Furthermore, the mentioned contact will be informed of a topic of their interest through a notification in Zyncro’s notification system.

When you see a message that mentions one or various users, additionally, you will be able to quickly visit their profile by clicking on their name.

Enriched conversations, greater information on topics that interest you, and construction of collective knowledge.

Do you want to see ZyncroApp Mention in action? We have prepared this video for you, so check it out!

Activate Mention now and begin mentioning users in your messages! Strengthen your network by including relevant people, Zyncronize them even more!

If you need more information, write to us at sales (@) zyncro.com or call us at +34 93 187 03 22 and we’ll get the information for you.

Joan Villalta is the Product VP at Zyncro. He specializes in requirements capture, analysis and the design of tech solutions. His main purpose is to make the most difficult things look very easy for the final user. He has worked on numerous startups and also in renowned international companies such as Panda Security or NTRglobal. To his already impressive technological knowledge, he adds a long career in the field of Business Management, allowing him to place himself comfortably on the confluence between sales, product management and UX.