5 Main Things You Need to Stop Doing on LinkedIn

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The Social Media Marketing arena has changed the way networking and business is done. Many companies with very dynamic executives/partners, however, quickly make accounts in various social networks at the same time, without even analyzing what strategies to follow, and without knowing the etiquette rules that must be followed in each network.

What happens next? They fail to respect the unwritten etiquette rules and regulations, leaving them with consequent bad impressions to their network of contacts, not only of themselves, but also of the company they represent.

“Social media is not about how many sites you can be at the same time. It is about being wonderful where you are.” Scott Stratten- The Book of Business Awesome

Here, we present five things that need to stop being done on LinkedIn if we want to do really good business networking and leave the best impression on the user with whom we connect.

1. Do not publish status updates more than twice a day. 
For Linkedin, posting on a certain day four or more times is considered spam. Deliver high value content for your network and don’t saturate it with data and information. If you find yourself like me with a heap of incredibly valuable information that you know can be of great use to your network, dispense it through tools such as Buffer or Hootsuite. Tweet this tip!

2. Stop sending massive promotional messages to your contacts. 
What you want to do is create relationships and nurture them, not the opposite. Demonstrate the reason you participate in this important  professional network and do networking with the members in your network every other day. Tweet this tip!

3. Respond to a request to connect with good manners or a sale. 
The primordial objective in social networks is to create relationships. Respond politely and grow your network of contacts. Tweet this tip!

4. Do not ask people you do not know and they do not know you, to recommend you.

We do not do this offline. So why do it online? We have respect for other members in our network. Tweet this tip!

5. Do not publish statuses requesting to “like” your Facebook page or that they “follow” you on Twitter. 
Linkedin is a network where it is expected to value your contacts and set yourself up as an expert in your area of expertise. If you desire to connect in other networks, do good networking and say hello once in a while to your contacts through an email and invite them to connect with you in other networks. Tweet this tip!

What things have you seen on LinkedIn that members do perhaps ignorantly? Tell us about it in the comments section!

Edna Campos is an Internet Consultant and Expert in Social Media Marketing  and founder of Riolan Virtual Business Solutions based in Mexico and offers support to independent professionals and small businesses to create a solid presence online. You can find her on Twitter: @RiolanVirtualBS.

[This is an excerpt from an article published previously in Riolan]