Gossip in the Enterprise 2.0

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

We all know that gossip, or ‘watercooler chatter’, exists in companies, despite the efforts conducted by internal communication to erradicate it. Because we also know that this phenomenon of informal communication is a natural part of a company since a company can brew the gossip. 

There will always be those individuals who instead on focusing 100% of their time in their professional performance, they flood their time with rumors in each corridor of their work centers.

The same happens in online social networks

Whether they are professionals or personal email accounts, personal accounts on Facebook or Twitter. Rumors and gossip are practically innate in everyone, and they are not spared when we have the opportunity to hurt the company image or a specific person. Internal Communication is precisely the key department to banish from their ranks those gossip items that are detected generating misinformation, and not only in the physical space, but also in the virtual.   

Managing personal communication and online is all an art, and its management must be assigned to artists for whom communication skills, psychological, persuasive and research are essential when you want to put a definite stop to the emergence of such harmful communication.

Noise generates noise, and this is the goal that always pursues gossipers and their issuers

Various companies are cutting attention that they pay to this that directly affects the image and reputation, and those responsible for creating the Crisis Committees must include the intended strategies to prevent or timely tackle the rumor mill that drags its step mainly to Collaborators dissatisfied with their company.

The effective leadership that lead the communication area of the organization depends on whether or not you eradicate this phenomenon, but also depend on what both partners are willing to stop their natural instinct to satiate your appetite for knowing something more than others, particularly when it is negative. Internal Communication that is honest, clear, and open is a very powerful weapon to achieve.

Carlos Muñoz García is a Communications expert and Public Relations specialist who has served as a leader in the areas of communication and public relations at the Asociación Mexicana de Comunicadores AMCO, and as Senior Consultant of Social Enterprise Responsibility at Promotora ACCSE (Acción Social Empresarial).  He is the author of diverse articles and a writer by hobby. He is a Collaborator on the program Porque Soy Mujer, on channel 34, of Mexiquense TV where they tackle topics related to human communication, enterprise communication, executive image, public relations, social responisibility and language in online networks.

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