Zyncro Tags – Sort Your Organization’s Knowledge in a Collaborative Way by using Tags

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The ZyncroApp Tags will allow you to structure the knowledge of your organization collaboratively, this is thanks to the tags that the members of your Enterprise Social Network may add to each message they post. With Tags you will be able to find in your Enterprise Social Network relative information of topics that interest you more quickly, detect trends or subject matter within your organization and review the conversation that is generated around them in any given moment.  

Adding a tag to any message is as simple as typing the “#” symbol, and then the word will serve as a tag within the same message, you can also select and activate the “tags” section in your Zyncro and include the terms that you want to use as tags. Furthermore, by making use of this section, the system will provide tag suggestions, previously used in your Enterprise Social Network, that match the text being typed.

ZyncroApp Tags

The tags that the members of your organization use, in time will form a tag cloud that will be displayed in the right sidebar of your Zyncro, and you will be able to classify them into families according to their theme or type.

In addition, users can subscribe to tags or families that interest them, and so each message labeled with the term to which they have subscribed will be displayed in their Activity Stream (Home section) and, if desired, they will receive a notification that a new message has been posted (options: “Follow” and “Follow and notify”).

All of the information about tags and labeled messages, can be found in the “Tags” section from the top menu, where you will find:

  • View All: All my activity and tagged messages to which I’ve subscribed.
  • My Activity: All tagged messages published by me.
  • Subscriptions: All messages posted by any user with the tags to which I have subscribed.
  • Tag List: Complete list of tags used in the organization, arranged by families, here you will be able to subscribe to tags or families.
  • Manage tags (for users with permission only): Options to edit, delete and/or regroup the tags of the company by families.

With “Tags” it will be much faster to locate, follow and organize information that you are really interested in, inside your Enterprise Social Network, you will receive notifications whenever you want.

Users will be able to visualize trends, manage collective and structured knowledge within the community, they will enhance the creation of ideas through related tags and their families, spot trends, interests, concerns… and answer them! And if you make heavy use of tags, you can even position yourself as a leader and an expert in the topic that you already master. All with one single ZyncroApp: Tags!

Activate it now and begin to tag your corporate world!

If you need more information, write to us at sales (@) zyncro.com or call us at +34 93 187 03 22 and we’ll get the information for you.

Joan Villalta is the Product VP at Zyncro. He specializes in requirements capture, analysis and the design of tech solutions. His main purpose is to make the most difficult things look very easy for the final user. He has worked on numerous startups and also in renowned international companies such as Panda Security or NTRglobal. To his already impressive technological knowledge, he adds a long career in the field of Business Management, allowing him to place himself comfortably on the confluence between sales, product management and UX.