4 Recommendations for Teamwork within an Enterprise Social Network

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes

One of the main benefits of Enterprise Social Networks is the act of putting in motion collaborative work that comes from teamwork. However, being a relatively new technology and somewhat avant-garde, some companies that adopt this impulse as a project, don’t know the areas of opportunity very well in the teamwork environment. Below you can find 4 recommendations for working in a team within an enterprise social network.

1. Grouping and Organization: This can definitely be the main mission on the list. If you will work in a team, it is imperative to group together members in areas, departments, projects, and any other topic that can be useful. What must be present is maintaining all members informed, active and conscious of their tasks.

2. Use clear and short messages: One of the benefits of implementing an enterprise social network as a social ecosystem in the company or business, is the reduction of emails. And it is really a benefit, as arriving to the office and finding a chain of 20 emails with only one sentence answers takes time and minimizes productivity.

The enterprise social network is useful for communicating, taking advantage of private messaging to ask questions, to clarify points, ask VoBo’s in a micro-blogging post so those involved can see…it is never necessary to draft an extensive email or copy 7 people in the company, when the message can be clear, concise and direct to the person on the team who is really interested.

3. Store files and documents: Recently, a new wave of email reduction- by means of your enterprise social network, everyone on your team will be able to receive a file, update versions, modify it by lines and make it visible to the entire team directly in the group that was created for the project.

It is important to always maintain organization of the baggage of documentation that is generated, with explanatory titles, folders and sub-folders, preventing your team from reading endless lists of files, when you can locate them perfectly well by means of your enterprise social network.

4. Communicate, be an active member: The worst setting is a team whose members are not fully active in the enterprise social network. It is important to trigger the use, so that the entire team is connected and active, otherwise only some individuals will have 100% of the information, the flow of tasks and the status of the project. While a few will be waiting for an email to tell them what to do…invite your team to collaborate, for it also depends on them for your project to be totally successful.

Teamwork is of utmost importance for the success of a company. Enterprise social networks allow you to create this direction, manage processes, and the collaborative strength of the company. Which allows real collaboration and teamwork to take form. If you still do not use Zyncro, we recommend you try it today by clicking here. Take your company to the avant-garde, converting it into an enterprise 2.0.

Francisco Eguiza is the Regional Marketing Manager at Zyncro Mexico. He has worked for over 10 years in Digital Marketing for high level companies such as Kio Networks and SuEmpresa.com, creating with and for them interactive strategies of Lead Generation, Branding and SEM. He is also one of the 20 Google Champions in LATAM, exclusive Google certification offered only to experts in digital marketing platforms.