Collaborative Work vs. Individual Work

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For a long time individual work has been preferred in companies, the premise being that each person “scratches their own nails”. However, the globalization and beginning of new forms of work conception has also opened the doors to collaborative work, in which the entire team has common objectives and to not pursue individual objectives that impede the sustained growth in an organization.

Why is this important? 

Collaborative work allows, of those who implement it, to get the most out of their human resources of which already supports the concepts of each partner and collaborator to join in the search for better options for the company.

Additionally, collaborative work establishes a trust between members of the group, leaving behind those times when each person “scratched their own nails” and opened way to the joined responsibility about the work done. 

Another great advantage of collaborative work is that it increases and solidifies social relations and, therefore, presents improved organizational culture within the company, an increase in the self-esteem of workers and better management of internal conflicts.

How to implement collaborative work in your company 

1.- Self-assessment periods must be carried out in which the changes for future improvements are identified.

2.- Find an internal communication system that is fluid and prompt, in which no step is given to bureaucracy-slowing processes. It is important that this communication allows feedback and effective help.

3.- Find team cooperation in which everyone shares goals and objectives as the roles of each one of them develops internally.

4. Really work in teams and resolve problems together, train those who can have a problem in this area of business and give rise to confidence in decision making.

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Ma. Teresa Farfán (@MomBita) is a psychologist, graduate from UNAM, with experience in practicing psychology both publicly and privately in which she seeks an ethical practice and in favor of improving the quality of life and ensuring an integral experience of those with whom she works with, be it individuals or companies, looking for teamwork, professionalization, and standardization. She has experience in the area of culture, organizational communication, consumer and sales psychology. She participates actively in social undertakings such as Átomo Educativo, and is a co-founder of khÜn Psicología, a company that seeks to bring psychology to companies and individuals with a multi-disciplinary approaches.