Zyncro Organization Chart -Discover “who is who” in your company

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When an employee joins a company, one of the most important aspects of the first few days on the job is to understand the structure of the company of which he/she is now a part of. Having an accessible organization chart that reflects the organization by your company’s departments, the individuals who form part of the company and their functions will help employees to always be clear in who is in charge of what and who they can turn to for each appropriate subject.  

At Zyncro, we are conscientious of the importance of this information to be available to your organization, up to date and easily accessible to all members in your Enterprise Social Network. Thus we present to you today the ZyncroApp Organization Chart. Keep reading and we will tell you how it works 😉 

Thanks to the ZyncroApp Organization Chart, members in your Enterprise Social Network will be able to access a structured and orderly chart of your company, displaying the photograph of each member, their name, position and area.

With Organization Chart you will be able to discover “Who’s Who” in your organization, with a hierarchical structure that begins by showing your own location in the company. From there, the organization chart will allow you to browse laterally, up and down while opening the tree with all of its members, their managers and their employees.

The administrator can create this Organization Chart from the Administration Panel > User Management by entering the e-mail of each member and then the e-mail of his superior (it can also be made by doing a bulk import). Once the Organization Chart is structured, it will be available to all users from the sidebar menu.

Activate Organization Chart now, and share with everyone the lines of connection between the members of your organization!

Joan Villalta is the Product VP at Zyncro. He specializes in requirements capture, analysis and the design of tech solutions. His main purpose is to make the most difficult things look very easy for the final user. He has worked on numerous startups and also worked in renowned international companies such as Panda Security and NTRglobal. To his already impressive technological knowledge, he adds a long career in the field of Business Management, allowing him to place himself comfortably on the confluence between sales, product management and UX.