The Importance of Having and Distributing Enterprise Video Blogs in your Company

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Finding the strengths and tools that generate productivity is one of the main challenges that face many companies. This has taken companies to find their principle source of value in their employees. But, how do you integrate all of the employees in the company, and reach them all in an effective manner? 

Web 2.0 is the ideal place to spread the integration of work in an organization. It offers a great quantity of tools that allow the generation of faithfulness and an increase in your team’s productivity in real time.

One way of encouraging them is to promote feedback among all areas of your company. Actually, a platform like Zyncro can help you distribute multimedia content, with the guarantee of generating a community and feedback. Zyncro is an enterprise social network, utilized by companies such as Starbucks, that puts employees in contact with each other and their employer.

Additionally, it can recognize the individuals who are the most productive in a public way and make announcements so that everyone can see the platform through its alerts and emails. Utilizing the Web 2.0, you can save a lot in infrastructure and training by, for example, recording enterprise video blogs and using them for various generations of employees.

A video blog is the solution for many problems- eliminating differences in schedules, unifying information, eliminating distance, time, and all of that at a low cost.

The method is simple and inclusive- you can take all of your documents, classes, processes, presentations and courses, and convert them into interactive enterprise video blogs through which offer constant training, and thus creating channels of information. By being online, costs are reduced and users are allowed to advance at their own rhythm without interference from co-workers. This goes without mention of how much time is saved during the video transfer. There are numerous success cases with this new training technology. BBVA Bancomer is an example that has already trained more than 110 employees in 32 countries with measurable results.

Having a training video blog fosters internal communication. Communicate, develope and integrate your entire personnel through the internet. Train your employees and receiving expert feedback is a way of outlining your path to success. Contracting specialists for the material you need to modernize your company will determine the triumph of the training and will help select the perfecting method that is most viable in accordance with the needs and resources of your company. Through these tools you will be able to generate values like commitment, motivation and retention. If your employees are happy, then your company will be happy.

Gustavo Martínez (@_doko) is a pioneer and recognized figure in alternative media and communication, with 8 years of experience in podcasting and videocasting. He has fought to generate content in Mexico for large audiences. Because the irreverent is also information, you can follow his YouTube channel by clicking here or contacting him from his LinkedIn profile.

Enterprise Social Networks
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