Training in Business Using Enterprise Social Networks

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Businesses need to innovate in training systems they use with their employees in order to make training more attractive and effective. I already spoke about the different factors to take into account when trying new ways of training employees in an organization. Today, I will speak about how to innovate while training employees through Enterprise Social Networks.

There are already busy and crowded virtual societies that communicate through open online social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Gradually companies see that it is also very useful for this kind of community created in organizations, are opening and using enterprise social networks that establish mechanisms for ongoing training and socialization between components. 

The combination of  e-learning with Enterprise Social Networks exhibit one of the most innovative and powerful tools to train people.  At Zyncro we have done learning studies where we see how people, during training activities, continue the activity outside class hours and exchange data, opinions, multimedia content, work, etc., and incorporate the training in their professional daily life and vice versa.

This makes the training form an integral part of their activity and that content is upgraded on time and with micro information that allows people to have them each day. We often see how to formulate a question in the training group, and another student gives a source of information or a response faster than the tutor himself;  or how a group decides to advance in a certain topic that was not a part of the initial content of the course but everyone agrees that it can be more useful than other parts of the course that was planned at the fast obsolescence of some content. And this can only be done with tools that allow this agility of action. 

The creation of groups is one of the most powerful features of these tools that allow easy creation of learning groups and the exchange of information at different levels, transverse, verticals and multidisciplinary that give the student the possibility to obtain from each person the most useful and relevant information.

Another advantage of these types of tools is getting that content to stay in the organization. 

What an organization really cares about is that the information of value stays within the organization and does not get lost when changes take place. And that this information is accessible quickly and easily when necessary. For that enterprise social networks have mechanisms for all the training content and conversations of value produced there, stay for future use by the rest of the individuals in the organization, attaining that the training material leaves “the classrooms” to convert themselves into information the company offers to its employees, having participated or not in the training.

Josep Baijet (@jbaijet) is the Director of Zyncro Learning Institute and Coordinator of Silicon Valley Startup Academy Barcelona. He is a specialist in training and change management in subject matter related to human resources, organizations, information technologies and environments 2.o.

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