10 Indispensable Professional Qualities in the 21st Century

Note from the Editor:  Today we share with you this adaptation of the article José Miguel Bolívar published in his blog where he reflects about some indispensable qualities for professionals in the 21st century.

What qualities define a well equipped person  to successfully meet challenges in the 21st century? There are probably many more, but to me, these 10 points come to mind:

1. Adaptability: The key to survival is not intelligence nor might. Rather, the capability to adapt. Case in point, having developed the habit of keeping your mind’s cartography, in order to adapt to the world and the circumstances around you, you first need to know where you are.  Many people who do not change do not do it because they are not even conscious that their world has changed.

2. Tolerance for risk and uncertainty: If there is something we know about the future it is that it will be distinct from what we know and probably distinct in the way we imagine it. The capacity to take on risks in a customary way, know how to cope with failure in a positive way and change the way in which we make decisions, are all essential elements.

3. Orientation to projects: The ability to work towards concrete results, enclosed in time, combining various activities for one or multiple clients will become increasingly common.

4. Mobility: The capacity to work in any place widens your possibilities when the time comes to integrate on diverse networks and work on multiple projects. This is one of the main characteristics that defines a knowmad.

5. Autonomy: Be a person with your own resources. Having a personal learning environment (PLE), being able to access information in English and develop a profile on T.

6. Network:  The network is the structure that efficiently helps to maintain and develop the qualities I am commenting, connecting to multiple networks as the optimal way to keep up to date our knowledge, reach the maximum of customers and have the resources to tackle any project. 

7. Curiosity: It is essential to constantly learn. The risk of not doing it or of not learning it fast enough, involves a high risk of obsolescence.

8. Techno-consciousness: Today, without minimum technology skills, you are outside of the world. Knowing about technology is not an option. Techno-consciousness is knowing technology exists, which ones are emerging, for what they serve and how to learn about them in necessary cases.

9. Personal Brand: More than your CV, what is important is your personal brand, the footprint that you leave with clients and co-workers. Personal brand includes everything that you do, how you do it, with whom and for whom you do it. .

10. Personal Productivity: In a world where the number of things to do is such that we may need various lives to do everything, it is essential to include a method that helps you put focus in what is really important and that provides you control and the necessary perspective to achieve the results you are looking for.

 Jose Miguel Bolivar (@jmbolivar) is Artisan Consultant, ICF coach, lecturer, researcher, speaker and author of the blog Óptima Infinito, in which he has been writing about Innovation in Productivity and GTD methodology since 2008. With a degree in Social Psychology and Political Analysis from the UCM, a master’s in HR from the Centro de Estudios Garrigues, José Miguel has extensive experience as an executive in highly competitive environments such as HP or Life Technologies. Currently, as Artisan Consultant and Coach, he works to increase competitiveness in organizations, improving individual and collective productivity of its employees.