Communicating is Sharing in an Enterprise Social Network

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In communication processes, the word “share” is important for each of us as we learn from the things we read and hear. Today the act of sharing has returned focusing in digital communication, especially in social networks. When we talk about enterprise communication, the action of sharing directly influences the objective of the company’s internal communication strategy.

In an Enterprise Social Network… Participate! 

One of the key points for your enterprise social network to be successful through time is:  Emphasize to each of your employees about the importance of distributing, participating, and offering their knowledge…share with them these tips:

1. Your contributions are important, share them:  
If you have an idea that you consider you can make a project in progress or open a door, release it without hesitation, think of what you can give the project and not in who can do the project for you if you don’t take care of it.

2.Your security spreads: 
Did you already provide the project with this great idea? Surely now many of your co-workers will see that they can also share their ideas and points of view freely in this social network whose objective is to share.

3. If you know something, share it: 
Have you ever thought what your knowledge is worth if you don’t share it? For communication and personal branding questions, sharing what you know can position you within the organization, not only as a highly knowledgeable person, rather as a generous, simple, and sharing person. An Enterprise Social Network is seen nurtured in a special way from these types of personalities, with a maximum sense of belonging and trust.

We can all use an Enterprise Social Network, the transcendent theme is how we use it and how we can make it profitable for the organization.

Paulina Olivares (@pauapoi) is a communicator and public relations officer with expertise in corporate communication. She has collaborated with public institutions, private initiatives and social entrepreneurial organizations, managing communication projects. Currently she leads the coordination of communication and image in one of the most important book stores in Mexico.

The correct individual use of Enterprise Social Networks is one of the main pillars of an entrepreneurial society, to complement this excellent article, we recommend you download our WhitePaper “Why you should implement an enterprise social network?” HERE.