Some Things You Might Not Know About Internal Communication

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The essence of internal communication is very simple. We are all, or have been at some point, workers and we know to value a professional environment, even if we do not enjoy that environment:

  • A good place to work. Thinking of happiness may be excessive, but at least it does not detract
  • Where the liberty and initiative of each employee is favored
  • In which team spirit and sense of belonging to a common project is fostered
  • Where achievements can take place (and failures experienced) as something collective
  • Have fairness in the deal: reward good conduct and penalize harmful conduct
  • All members of the organization are heard and their participation is encouraged.

But what we are not always conscious of is the potential of internal communication in other domains.

Things you might not know about internal communication that can help you

1. Improvement of the external image and corporate reputation

Now that, finally, it seems the corporate reputation has begun to consider itself in a global mode and its management relapses in DirCom, internal communication can offer us new instruments to strengthen our image. Who better than employees to talk about the company for which they form a part of?   For sharing how it works, what it does or how customer feedback is used to improve the products and services?

2. Discover and take advantage of (hidden) talent in the organization

Beyond a resume, there is an ecosystem of enthusiasm, skills, resources and qualities that can escape the traditional vocational assessment. Thanks to internal communication, it is possible to discover this talent and take advantage of it in order to improve the organization.

3. Clarify and help establish the company’s cultural values

Well managed, internal communication also offers a multitude of resources, good for defining the values and philosophy of a company, in which it is great for strengthening the resources that already exist. Regardless of business approaches, the authentic elements that define an organization depends on how they live and transmit these values to their employees. If congruence does not exist between individuals, they will dissolve like a sugar cube in a hot cup of coffee.

4. Encourage innovation and shared knowledge

An internal social network, for example, allows professional profiles and diverse personal interests to be put in common. From there a flow of ideas can arise, projects and initiatives that otherwise would be unthinkable.  It is only necessary to promote, maximize and coordinate this flow for its subsequent use.

5. Save time and money

This possibility of sharing knowledge, documents, experiences…additionally assumes an enormous savings in resources: time and money. Imagine an office of lawyers. If each department provides to the enterprise social network just as it has managed its operations, the difficulties encountered, how they came to a solution, the documents and contracts that have been created…, such operations in the future will be much more simple.

6. Improve productivity and results

And maybe the most unfamiliar, on the basis of low interest paid to it: internal communication improves productivity and economic results of the company. 

At Zyncro we know that many of the main internal company communication problems can be solved with a good communication tool for employees. Do you want to know how an enterprise social network or internal network can help your company? Ask for a demo and we will show you how you can apply this solution to your business.

Luis Miguel Díaz-Meco (@lmdiazmeco) treasures more than 15 years of experience in communication, where he directed and coordinated diverse mediums and took on different responsibilities in the public organization for which he currently works. He has a degree in journalism and a master in communication management. He is also a teacher, consultant and blogger (

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