Zyncro Honored at the 2013 AMIPCI Awards

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La Asociación Mexicana de Internet (AMIPCI), or the Mexican Internet Association, conducted the 2013 edition of the Reconocimientos AMIPCI” (AMIPCI Awards) on Thursday, December 5th for the best in the Internet industry in Mexico. Their objective is to acknowledge quality, distinction and cutting edge innovation of the best sites in the country, to then reward the labor of the main developers of this great industry in Mexico.

Zyncro’s blog was the winner of “La Mejor Campaña Publicitaria” (Best Advertising Campaign) of the year at the AMIPCI awards, competing with finalists of the likes of Samsung and Pepe y Toño. Zyncro receives this award by the great efforts its employees and collaborators make on our blog. Thanks to their great value of knowledge and information, they make this space a platform of content about innovation in management, technology to service businesses and tools 2.0, open to the whole world, so that anyone who is interested in this information only has to open our blog, take the information, learn it and use it.

The best publicity campaign is viral. It is interactive. With Zyncro’s blog we look to create a complete network of digital knowledge, a platform without boundaries, that lives on the internet, that represents a wealth of information for businesses and entrepreneurs, startups and big corporations.

Our authors bring a world of information, and in the Zyncro blog we try to join minds and people, so that knowledge does not stay with only one person, rather, knowledge is permeable for everyone!

Knowledge is to be shared, not to be kept for certain individuals. In Zyncro’s blog we make an effort each day to demonstrate that this is one of our maximum priorities. We are grateful to the Asociación Mexicana de Internet (Mexican Internet Association) for this recognition and we congratulate all the winners of the 2013 AMIPCI Awards.

We’ll see you next year!

Francisco Eguiza is the Regional Marketing Manager at Zyncro. He has worked for more than 10 years in digital marketing for high level businesses like Kio Networks and SuEmpresa.com, creating with them interactive Lead Generation strategies, Branding and SEM. He is also one of only 20 Google champions in LATAM, an exclusive certificate Google offers experts in their digital marketing platforms.