3 Content Curation Tools Every Online Marketer Must Be Aware Of

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Editor’s note: This article that we’re sharing today is an english adaptation of this post by Edna Campos published in our Spanish blog made by Zyncro.

In a previous article about content curation, we talked about the Achilles heel of the contemporary marketer: finding the appropriate content and quality to supply it to our audience through suitable channels.

Finding, collecting and organizing existing content on the web for our content marketing strategies– It sounds easy, however, there is a lot of information, not all of it is of good quality and additionally, this process can take us a lot of time if we don’t have the proper tools.

Utilize the Correct Tools

Here I list three tools that will be highly useful in the content curation process:

1. Listly: Tools with which members create or recover lists around any topic, working to add items to the list and/or vote for existing items. You can: 1. Create original lists to use on your blog,  2. recover lists of useful content from other blogs, and 3. listen, that is, receive feedback. Listly supports its tools on the basis that “social interaction creates living content” and modern digital marketers wait to interact with the information they consume.

2. Scoop.it: Create boards for each topic that interests you and add content easily. Here, what you need to do is find the right people to recover content that is published and deliver it to main social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin (profile, page and group for the latter). You can also export the recovered topics and send email marketing campaigns to your subscribers.

3. Swayy.co: This tool is still in beta version, for which I love, and it gives you a variety of subjects and topics related to what you share through your social networks. Meanwhile the more content you share through it, the better its system analyzes appropriate topics for your audience. You also have the option to add topics. The topics that seem irrelevant, can be erase and they will not appear again. By sharing, its algorithm generates automatic hashtags and you can choose and add what you want.

These tools will save you a lot of time recovering content for your blog and social networks. You can be sure that it will be of high quality and your followers will love it.

There are many more tools that I will share with you. Meanwhile, which tools are you using?

Edna Campos is an expert in internet and social media marketing, and founder of Riolan Virtual Business Solutions based in Mexico. She supports independent professionals and small businesses to create a solid presence on the internet. You can find her on Twitter as @RiolanVirtualBS.