3 Things Your Business Needs In Order To Be Social

Note from the editor: A few days ago, Innovación Chile (Innovation Chile) published this article we wrote together about innovations that businesses need in order to be social. Today we share it with you :)

The Enterprise 2.0 has been a reality for several years now. The concept of Social Business has long ago been left behind as just fashionalbe, and now converted itself into a business reality. But, do you really know what it means to be an enterprise 2.0 and practice social business?

Some still think that this concept is about having accounts on social channels like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. But it is not. Being a social business or enterprise is much more than being present in social tools. Being a social business involves creating and launching a transformation process of the way work is done and business is completed in organizations, applying new forms of communication from social networks to the business world and taking advantage of opportunities to transform businesses in organizations improving communication, connectivity, collaboration and productivity.

Being a social business is not only a question of tools. It implies a cultural change and process that changes the organization in all of its layers. An Enterprise 2.0 is a new form of communicating, a new form of managing, a new form of interacting, a new form of necessary cooperation within companies.  An evolution, after all, of the traditional business standards. In fact, there are concrete features that characterize these organizations and the professionals who work in them.

It is necessary to evolve towards this business model but, how do you get there?

In my opinion, there are 3 necessary changes any organization needs in order to take a leap and convert itself into a social enterprise.

1. Your business needs a cultural change and you will only achieve it if the leadership of your organization is the first to be convinced of the need to carry out this change and support it.

We already mentioned it above. Change is not a matter of tools. On the contrary, the need for people who are convinced of the benefits of moving from closed organizational structures to more horizontal structures where collaboration, dialogue and shared knowledge are some of the fundamental pieces. If we want businesses to be social, CEOs must be the first social members.

The CEO must be the first to adopt social attitudes in order to be followed by the rest of the company’s personnel.  At the end of the day, the leadership must be the first convinced entity of the benefits of social business so that these ‘social genes’ spread out to the entire organization.

2. You need technology that allows you to be social. Implement an Enterprise Social Network.

Your conviction to become a company open to participation and collaboration will be of no use if you do not accompany it with the proper tools that make it happen. You need to place talent at the center of the organization and become a transparent company, where internal communication is a key piece, the flow of information is easier and you can count on a platform that allows your employees to participate in a simple and fast way to pitch proposals, value decisions, share ideas and knowledge, resolve doubts, etc.

This technology is an Enterprise Social Network. With a good implementation plan, some clear objectives and support from leadership it transforms into the perfect partner to jump towards the business of the future. 

With an Enterprise Social Network you will be able to foster collaboration, communication, productivity and the performance of your business. In this paper you can examine the 10 arguments that support this affirmation. They are also summarized in the 10 reasons to implement an Enterprise Social Network infographic.

3. You need to become mobile

Life is mobile and the business world needs to be able to adapt to such mobility ASAP. For me, the future of business happens to be, besides social, mobile and cloud. This trio is known as the term SoMoClo, a concept that offers businesses a new opportunity to transform their business processes with solutions in technology.

We use applications that are designed to synchronize in the cloud, share content on social networks and, of course, function from mobile devices. And this also adapts to the business world. The majority of employees already use their personal mobile devices for employment purposes: they receive their company email, they send messages to their co-workers through whatsapp or they get access to documentation from their organization from the cloud.

Workers are already accustomed to using smartphones on a personal level and this must not give the company doubts in providing business tools to their employees that would allow them to take advantage of this technology as a professional purpose. Work processes need to be reconsidered and organizations must put in place tools that enable your workforce to have access to all enterprise documentation and company resources at any moment and from any place.

In recent years there have been new forms of communication, new forms of management, and new forms of of interaction within companies. An evolution of traditional business patterns. This evolution is the Social Enterprise. Is your company prepared to take the leap and transform itself into an Enterprise 2.0?   

Ana Asuero (@aasuero) works as Social Media Manager at Zyncro. She is an expert in corporate digital communication, social media and social media marketing. She has previously worked on institutional communication, media planning, advertising campaign strategy and market analysis projects.

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