10 things Zyncro can help you improve in 2014 to add a touch of colour to your company

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes filled with warm Christmas greetings 😉

  1. Develop collaboration not competition. Introduce a more transparent and open way to work where each idea is heard and taken into consideration. The group’s power is much bigger when people can gather their ideas, knowledge and experience and transform it into something valuable for the company.
  2. Give as much as you can to your colleagues and start learning from them. As a manager, you have an important role in developing this culture of sharing in order to create a constant learning environment. Make people learn from others in similar roles. Find experts among your employees and make them share their knowledge to improve their performance.
  3. Transform your employees, partners and collaborators into brand ambassadors. If you make them love their work and what they do for the common project, you will gain their trust. Connect the personal and the corporate: that’s the way you make your company more approachable and it gives employees the power to go out in the real world and social networks to be real brand ambassadors. Recognize them publicly; it will enhance their motivation and engagement, and it can only benefit your company.
  4. Work closely with your team but don’t forget you have an entire community at your reach. Not only your close relationships are important, you can develop valuable knowledge by getting closer to your “weak ties”, i.e. the people you are not close to, and open yourself to new social circles.
  5. Develop flexibility and mobility: Use the appropriate tools to enable your team to focus on objectives rather than the time they spend in the office. Mobility is a characteristic of our new century. People are getting used to the flexibility of communicating whenever and wherever they want, and companies can definitely get some great benefits if its members can remain connected to each other outside the office.
  6. Integrate clients, providers or partners to reach your objectives. Not only the members of the organization possess the knowledge and experience that will make the business perform. Clients are the best people to convey the benefits of your brand. Partners may have experience in markets you are interested in, and providers can help you improve products…
  7. Integrate a social factor in any task and process. In a connected organization, collaboration can have a direct impact on efficiency thanks to social processes. Imagine if sales representatives could see past conversations related to a deal, or if your customer service could get direct help to the product team through the activity stream.
  8. Make each person its own manager, empower your team: Your job is not only to command but also to bring out the potential of the people. As Steve Jobs said: “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do”.
  9. Spread the company values in your team: Successful companies have a perfect harmony between advocated values and those transmitted by the employees. Use your enterprise social network to let values go viral within the company.
  10. Don’t only think tasks, tools and processes, but also Challenges, Passion and Dream.