Talent Drain- Why Do Businesses Experience Staff Turnover?

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talentoWhy can entrepreneurial talent make the decision to leave a work team? It is not an easy decision for the employee. However, despite how difficult it could become to find a new position, some businesses suffer from constant employee turnover. Let’s analyze concretely possible reasons and solutions to this problem.

Main reasons staff turnover can happen in a business

There are two principle reasons why talent is in constant rotation:

  • Selection: Remember that not all who quit are proportional to a lack of motivation or inability to retain a satisfied work team; on many occasions, the problem is in the selection of staff, in the recruitment policies and the definition of the profiles from Human Resources.
  • Retention: Is the most common reason, in short, it is the lack of internal communication and largely results in the inability to convey specific messages and quality to our team.

But then, what should you do? Working on the basis “little actions generate big changes”, is only a question of adjusting strategies and of obtaining the correct tools to initiate an efficient and productive communication.

Recommendations for preventing employee turnover

  1. Communicate: and in this case, the entire business. It is very important that just as the intern to the highest ranked director are very well-informed of the objectives, achievements and goals of the company. Consider maintaining an open and transparent communication, of which there are already tools for this, and Zyncro is one of them.
  2. Motivate and recognize: Remember Flex Execs in Chicago, the main motive of abandonment and brain drain, is the lack of leadership and motivation. Create recognition dynamics, reports and propagate the achievements of your employees, the proper dissemination of success becomes a motivational transmission in the company. 
  3. Form and train your team: Information transferred correctly is the best ally for the correct launch of a new element in the company. Create repositories of information, share your knowledge and develop business training plans, true talent will appreciate it.
  4. Customize recruitment policies: When the problem is selection, there is only one steady solution, act differently. It is important to recognize if the profile you are looking for is not adequate, the best companies are the ones who decide to change their policies after they find the error.

Today, maintaining high productivity and constant business satisfaction, can achieve correct communication, with good internal practices and always taking into account that, the director creates the company, the employee is the one who defends and conserves the company.

Francisco Eguiza is the Regional Marketing Manager at Zyncro Mexico. He has worked for over 10 years in Digital Marketing for high level companies such as Kio Networks and SuEmpresa.com, creating with and for them interactive strategies of Lead Generation, Branding and SEM. He is also one of the 20 Google Champions in LATAM, exclusive Google certification offered only to experts in digital marketing platforms.

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