Team Management vs. Leadership

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liderazgo vs team managementFirst things first: What does it really mean to direct a work team and how does it differentiate with leadership? John P Kotter explains that leaders are people who do the right things, while the directors/managers are people who do things correctly. This does not mean that one is better than the other; in fact, these two roles are complementary to each other and to operate a team at work to be successful, you need to meet both requirements.

We understand that  the basis of leadership is founded on the vision of the future, how to communicate that vision and helping people to understand and achieve. On the other hand, directors are those responsible for making this vision to be implemented effectively and successfully, in other words “create plans” to achieve that. That said we clarify that a leader is not necessarily a manager and not the opposite, but it is possible that they can be.

On one hand, a real manager will provide order, therefore organize and promote compliance with the company’s plans, this will do it by making decisions and delegating functions using a formal structure to generate stability and avoid poor performance. A leader will establish a communication process and will push his/her team together utilizing informal relationships to establish bonds, of which will motivate the workers to transmit said energy to the rest of the team.

Within a company, both are complementary and indispensable, without leadership there is no meaning, no fixed path; without management there is no daily management, nor is there advancement. It is for this reason you must learn to identify the needs of your team, of which an Enterprise Social Network is a great support, so that you can see if accounts with high performance, or whether leadership or management efforts need to be reinforced.

Some characteristics that will allow you to recognize if your team at work is well directed under the premise of leadership and management:

  • Future vision shared among your employees
  • High level of interpersonal trust and willingness
  • Open communication
  • Genuine need to learn
  • Willingness to change
  • Good level of morale and adaptability

If you achieved some negative characteristics previously, I suggest you carefully review the actions of management and leadership within your team and bring about change. The best time is now.

With all of the above, what is better: a manager or a leader? As usual it is better to have a mixture of both in the right proportions, remember that if you have large doses of manager and leader, you have the profile of ‘complete leader’ which will lead to success.

Denisse Caballero (@Dee_Caballero) is Director of Affiliates at Soicos LATAM, currently managing campaigns for Telefónica MoviStar, Bimbo, UVM and Adidas, among others; always focused on performance, results and the optimization of digital marketing campaigns. With 10 years of experience in Team Management and Planning, she constantly finds herself evolving in practices and performances for brands, clients and work teams. You can find more information on her LinkedIn profile.

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