Keys to Success in Video Blogging for Your Company

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In previous occasions, in this same space, I spoke about the advantages and usefulness of having an internal video blog for your company and specifically for your product. Including a video blog on your website, additionally getting you closer to your target audience, will generate more traffic that will later generate more sales for your business.

A video blog is one of the most direct forms of communication on the internet. It allows your public to feel closer to you and makes the experience more dynamic for the visitor on your website, so it is recommended that you take into account five important points if you want to succeed with this tool.

1. Avoid monotony

Video blogs, even though their production involves processes similar to television production, are very different in the background and form.  Managing a friendly, clear and understandable language will capture the attention of your audience. Do not improvise. Give yourself the time to prepare the content of your capsule. Research done beforehand about the subject and a script can help you out a lot.

2. Select your channel

Even though Youtube is the most used platform to upload a video to the internet, it is not the only one. Other options exist such as Vimeo and Viddler. The advantage of Youtube is it is linked to Google and it is just as viral as Facebook. Select the platform that most agrees with you.

3. Take care of your production

Before recording your video, you must take into account very important aspects such as lighting and, primarily, audio. A video with good lighting and good audio will always be, obviously, nice to the eyes and ears. It is true that an advantage to video blogs is that you can record them in any location, but you must take special care of the visual and sonorous environment. Your audience will not want to see a dark and noisy video.

4. Watch the duration

It is proven that the first 15 seconds of a video are vital to its success. You only have this time to capture the attention of the audience. And if the user notices the duration of the video and realizes it will last a long time, he/she will stop watching the video immediately. Thus, it is  advisable for all video blogs to last a maximum of five minutes. This is if you are new to the environment, when you have a captive audience and can experiment with longer durations. Remember, it is during the introduction of the video, 15 seconds, where the spectator decides whether they will stay or leave.

5. Design

Take care of the design of your videos. Add exciting openings and closings to give your video some personality.

6. Publish regularly

As you can imagine it is hard work to create a captive audience. But it will cost more if you do not maintain contact with your audience. And this contact you gain with the constant publication of content. The public appreciates your punctuality and they can punish you if you abandon them with forget.

Follow these points of which I’m sure will help you position a video blog in your company. You can also do it!

Gustavo Martínez (@_doko) is a pioneer and recognized figure in alternative media and communication, with 8 years of experience in podcasting and videocasting. He has fought to generate content in Mexico for large audiences. Because the irreverent is also information, you can follow his YouTube channel by clicking here or contacting him from his LinkedIn profile.

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