Three of the Worst Bad Practices in Social Networks

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Editor’s note: This article that we’re sharing today is an english adaptation of this post by Edna Campos published in our Spanish blog made by Zyncro.

Any business or organization with a website can benefit from having an excellent presence in social networks. However, having a strong presence in social channels implies much more than simply creating profiles on the most popular networks.

Unfortunately, many businesses fall into using the worst practices when trying to jump into social networks without being prepared. Here, I will discuss a few of them with you:

1. Not having the basics for doing online marketing

You will be in agreement with me when I say that it is an error to try to correctly carry out a content marketing campaign without having a website and blog, in which content that will be provided in the social networks can be created in the social networks. These should have responsive designs, with the purpose of making sure they can reach the growing number of mobile users.

2. Unable to handle thier online properties

Something I see constantly when we receive new clients is they are not aware of the advances in technology and tools that they can use with good practices, and instead they leave them in the hands of others,  their valuable internet properties.

The same must be said of their accounts in social networks. They were created by a worker (who no longer works at the company) utilizing a personal email address, with different names. And now the company has all of its social networks under names that do not form a part of its digital identity.

It is recommended to be conscious of the fact that social networks are your other properties online and they should be created with a certain vision, treatment and protection.

3. Creating content in only one size

The lack of analysis of objectives that are pursued on networks, as well as planning strategies, leads many people to create content that is not directed towards their audience, in such a way that it becomes the same for all of the social networks in which you participate.

It should be noted and have an excellent understanding of the profiles that are part of these communities and to go creating / adjusting the content for each of the social networks.

Social networks can really be powerful. However, success is the result of diverse factors, including agreeing with the correct bases, having a responsive website and being conscious of the risks that we run when not having control over our properties on the internet.

Edna Campos is an internet and social media marketing consultant and founder of Riolan Virtual Business Solutions based in Mexico and offers support to independent professionals and small businesses to create a solid presence on the internet. You can find her on Twitter as @RiolanVirtualBS