If You Spend Much More Time at Work Than With Your Partner, Why Not Measure Your Job Compatibility?

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These holidays have given me two good discoveries that have something in common. While the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty winks at the search for love through an online dating website, in the journal Vueling one can find an employment portal that provides information about compatibility with companies and coworkers.

The tendency to study happiness

What seemed to me to be the most curious is not the simple self-knowledge test that is based on this website, rather the premise about what turns around its functionalities: an employee will be more happy when they fit in more with the culture at work, something that they already spoke of, among others, Dawis&Lofquist in 1984 with their theory of labor force adjustment.

HR specialists and vocational counseling take into account not only the requirements of a job when it comes to finding the perfect job or employee, but also the values and work preferences. Here is the bottom line of the question from Good.co: analyze those more relational aspects and those questions that are not asked more deeply in a job interview. It’s something strange when work ends up being an important pillar in our lives, don’t you think? Well, either by narcissism, or getting distracted for a while or real interest for your professional career, from April 2013- 60,000 people have registered on this platform.

And this is not an isolated initiative, but the study of the “economics of happiness” is becoming so important in our society and the business world to begin to study at business schools. For example, this change of mentality is a part of the contribution from Enrique Dans in the book El ocaso del Empleo. Cómo sobrevivir en el futuro del trabajo (The Decline of Employment. How to Survive in the Future of Work), where he explains how, more and more, it is evident the benefits that a company has is dependent on the motivational state of its employees.

How Good.co reveals the secret of job compatibility

  • Explain your work personality type based on various archetypes such as results of a 15 question test, all very much the styles of gamification. Also, do an approximation of the characteristics of the type of work and the ideal company following your results.
  • Analyze how you fit in with your boss, your coworkers, your company…based on a similar test that has previously been done about yourself and the representative profile for each exercise.
  • Define strengths and weaknesses fitting into the company that interests you from an broad list in which you can find by name the company or sector you are interested in. This also defines the types of work culture of the company based on two archetypes.
  • Links to jobs. Unfortunately this option is only available if you are in the U.S. at the moment.
  • You can consult profiles from other users. And if you link your account to your Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook filtering the contacts that are yours, even visualizing a graph of all professional affinity.

 Sara Jurado (@sarajuradoBCN) is psychologist specialized in career counseling and social media for professional development, and currently works as counselor in the professional development team at Barcelona Activa.