Use Zyncro on your Windows Phone!

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes.

At Zyncro, we are constantly improving in order to offer our users native applications for all mobile devices. If you’re a Windows Phone user, try our app now and access your Corporate Social Network information from your mobile phone, while remaining connected to your work teams in real time.

For this application we have designed a fast, stable interface, with clear, and very usable intuitive browsing. With the goal of adapting the user experience to the habits of Windows Phone users, the interface has been designed in Metro style, a new visual style that is gradually being integrated into all Microsoft applications and whose main feature is simplicity of interaction with the screen.

When accessing Zyncro from your Windows phone, you will see a main screen which will provide quick access to your most important Corporate Social Network sections: messages, files, people, groups, departments and your user profile, which will be personalised with your picture. Once inside each section, you’ll be able to smoothly browse through all the content, easily returning to the main menu whenever you want to.

With this app, you can:

  • Check out all your organization’s activity
  • Post and read personal updates and corporate news
  • Access and cooperate with your work groups
  • Access to the activity stream of departments
  • Access all your corporate documents: your work files
  • View a list of your internal and external contacts
  • View your profile

If you’re a Windows Phone user, download the Zyncro app now and start enjoying the advantages of having your Corporate Social Network in the palm of your hand. If you still don’t have a Zyncro account, register now and try it!

Daniel Albert is a Computing Engineer, with a degree from the “Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya”. He’s the current Mobile Product Manager at Zyncro Tech. His passion for smartphones began with the release of the first iPhone. Before the device was being marketed in Spain, he was already a first gen iPhone owner (imported from the US). Since then, he collects mobile devices.