Improve your organisation’s decision-making with a smart data analysis system brought to you by Zyncro and BiyCloud

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Despite the vast volumes of data that organisations have, few are yet able to extract knowledge from this information. This creates the need for advanced business intelligence tools that will let them capitalise on the power of their data when taking decisions.

That’s why we’ve been working to integrate with BiyCloud Social Smart technology. If you want to find out what it’s all about and how it works, keep reading and we’ll tell you 😉

BiyCloud Social Smart: A flexible, adaptable and mobile social dashboard

By integrating BiyCloud Social Smart technology (based on QlikView technology) into Zyncro you can analyse the key indicators of social interactions occurring within an Enterprise Social Network and transform them into knowledge your company can use. 

You’ll find out who the most active people are, who brings content to the network, what type of information is the most significant, how your employees relate to each other, what they talk about and which departments and groups record the highest level of activity.

Key benefits of BiyCloud Social Smart:

  1. Adaptability: This integration provides companies with a flexible dashboard that users can configure, customise and adapt to their specific analytical needs, without having to constantly depend on the IT department.
  2. Multi-organisational: You can look up the figures of more than one organisation at the same time, viewing all their data from a single site, so that your comparisons and analyses are more comprehensive.
  3. Mobility: In addition, all the data are accessible from any mobile device.

This social control panel will give you usage data on:

  • Users. Which users are the most popular, which share the most information and which of them interact most frequently.
  • Groups. Which groups exists, which are the most active and which generate the greatest number of actions and comments.
  • Messages. You can evaluate the conversations that are held in your company Zyncro, identifying the hot topics and the users that are most engaged with the tool.  
  • Documentation. Files uploaded by different people in the company can be evaluated and you will know which are the most shared, the most downloaded and who is most proactive in uploading documents. All this can be classified by type of file. Is your knowledge channelled into Office documents? Into videos? Into images?
  • Access. Find out what devices your organisation’s members are using to access corporate knowledge.

And thanks to Zyncro you will also be adding a social layer so you can socialise your data. This integration allows you, for a set period of time, to share the dashboard that you’ve designed, ask your team for feedback so you can perfect it and thus incorporate improvements into your finalised dashboard to enhance your user experience.

What benefits do you get from using BiyCloud Social Smart with Zyncro?

You’ll get real-time information on what’s happening in your organisation and more knowledge that leads to better information-based business decision-making.

  • In-depth knowledge of the content and conversations generated in your company’s day-to-day operations, allowing you to identify the most  popular topics and key actions that attract the staff’s attention
  • Increased ability to detect hidden talents within the organisation and natural leaders that will help you to drive new strategies or align the company’s positions
  • Increased knowledge of the behaviour of mobile device users so you can better assess the company’s mobility strategy
  • Evaluation of the atmosphere in the workplace and detection of issues that are otherwise difficult to identify

If you want to start using BiyCloud Social Smart in your company, analyze all that data and transform them into relevant knowledge for your organization, contact our sales team sales (@)

Agustín Bosso is the Product Manager at Zyncro. His relationship with the company goes back to its origins. He worked as a developer on several projects in the group, but he openly requested his direct transfer to Zyncro as soon as the company began to take shape in the line of his passion: social networks and its practical uses. His personal goal inside Zyncro is to be a link between the tech culture that’s streaming information and the business and commercial world. His motto is that one must never lose sight of what computing is about: Automatic information.