Access Zyncro from your Blackberry 10

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

At Zyncro we’re constantly improving our native mobile applications so you can access all your Enterprise Social Network content from any device. Today we’re introducing our Zyncro application for Blackberry 10, specially developed for those companies and regions in which the use of this device is widespread, especially on a corporate level. This means you’ll be able to help your clients, collaborate with your partners, manage your company’s documentation and projects, all while keeping up-to-date with your organisation’s activity from anywhere and at any time.

Adapting to this new completely tactile Blackberry device, continuing with our highly intuitive design and prioritising the simplicity of touch-screen interaction, we present a fast, stable interface based on simple and agile browsing that delivers the best in user experience.   

Quickly access the most important sections of your Enterprise Social Network via our browsing sidebar: messages, files, people, groups, departments and your user profile. Once inside each section, you’ll be able to smoothly browse through all the content, easily returning to the main menu whenever you want to.

What’s more, with this new version of Zyncro for Blackberry 10 you can:

  • Experience enriched display of photos and links
  • Follow and stop following members and departments in your Enterprise Social Network
  • Select favorite groups and departments for quicker access to the sections you use most, optimizing your time and enhancing your productivity
  • Search, access and join open groups
  • Browse your documents more intuitively thanks to a new horizontal navigation system using folders
  • Create folders, upload files and generate Zlinks to share documents with your co-workers
  • Directly access the last files you have downloaded, so you can easily continue the tasks you are working on
  • Optimize communication with your co-workers thanks to an improved people directory
  • Access users’ profiles by clicking on their photo, so you can find out more about and send messages easily to other people who work in your network.

Start enjoying Zyncro mobile’s new design and features on your Blackberry 10 by downloading the new version now. And if you still don’t have a Zyncro account register now and start working with a mobile Enterprise Social Network.

Daniel Albert is a Computing Engineer, with a degree from the “Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya”. He’s the current Mobile Product Manager at Zyncro Tech. His passion for smartphones began with the release of the first iPhone. Before the device was being marketed in Spain, he was already a first gen iPhone owner (imported from the US). Since then, he collects mobile devices.