Not sure where to start with implementing your Enterprise Social Network? Find out with “The Zyncro Method”!

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Organisations looking to set up an Enterprise Social Network and which need more information to learn where to start can now download our book The Zyncro Method“, the world’s first methodology for building collaborative platforms, and begin to take the first steps in successfully implementing an Enterprise Social Network.



The aim of this book, which has been written in collaboration with PrideCom -experts in Internal Communication 2.0-, is to help companies make the leap to Social Business. 

Today, we have the technology to turn our companies into more effective and productive social businesses that are closer to the needs of our consumers by building “friendly” spaces for people who are the driving force in our organisations. However, technology without a change management and communication model 2.0 may not be fruitful.

Companies of various kinds and in a wide range of sectors such as banking and insurance, retail, public agencies and hospitality have already opted to turn their businesses into “social environments”. This book is designed to be a tool to ensure they can successfully achieve their objectives when implementing their Enterprise Social Network.

Download the first guide to collaborative platform implementation methodology!


Patricia Fernández Carrelo (@pfcarrelo) is a true expert in treatment of digital content, communication and knowledge management generated within the company. She began her career as a researcher and lecturer at various European Universities in the field of digital processing of multilingual information. After working in the world of web location for large companies, she specialized in 2.0 communication flows, performing succesful tasks of a consultant and a trainer for various companies. Currently, Patricia is the International Marketing Director at Zyncro, coordinating the market positioning strategy, branding and distribution, as well as the methodological processes that result from the implementation and use of enterprise social networks.