SmartBoys closes an agreement with Zyncro to commercialize the Enterprise Social Network solution among its customer network in Scandinavia and Baltics

Estimated reading time: 5 minutesSmartBoys closes an agreement with Zyncro

  • Familiar with today’s social business technology market, SmartBoys has chosen Zyncro due to its flexibility, capacity for customization, different installation modes available for cloud infrastructures or in the customer’s own data center and its strict compliance with data protection legislation as required by major corporations.
  • Aware of the multiple devices, tools and systems that exist in the market, through Zyncro SmartBoys plans to offer a smart integrated solution that responds to companies’ communication needs andsocial requirements, in addition to making it available in Scandinavian languages.

SmartBoys has signed and impressive agreement with Zyncro — a leading provider in Europe, Latin America and Asia—to commercialize its Enterprise Social Network. The solution is aimed at those enterprises that want to facilitate communication, streamline task and workflow management, facilitate teamwork, provide a transparent view of processes and optimize employee productivity and efficiency.

Zyncro, which has undergone sharp growth and international expansion over the past two years, tripling users and customers and going to five Scandinavian countries thanks to the SmartBoys agreement, seeks to change the way companies work, communicate and collaborate.

Lluís Font, Zyncro’s CEO said: “Our alliance with this Smart integrator represents a value-added support for Zyncro as a business solution applied effectively and integrated with the communication needs of companies. It consolidates our international presence in Scandinavia and Baltics, where Zyncro provides a more secure and flexible solution when compared to other rigid solutions offered by US-based multinational providers, which are less adaptable to data protection regulations”.

Zyncro acts as a social layer and a single, integrated point of access to the leading corporate and transactional systems: email, chat, ERPs such as SAP, office packages such as Office 365, or Microsoft’s SharePoint among others. Furthermore, it enhances Enterprise Social Network mobility in the current multidevice scenario, currently providing fully customizable apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android (cell and tablet), Windows 8 (tablet and smartphone, too) and BlackBerry, including the BB 10 OS developed for this new completely tactile device. In addition, and unlike its competitors, Zyncro offers SmartBoys’ customers the option of installation in the Zyncro or SmartBoys cloud, or in the customer’s own data center.

SmartBoys expands its product portfolio by adding Zyncro’s social technology solution

Petri from SmartBoys affirms: “We are taking a giant step forward by moving our customers from the email and intranet era to a new cost-effective and safer communication era. Thanks to this alliance, we have a revolutionary tool that will allow us to help companies make the leap to Social Business”.

Zyncro Tech is one of the leading social software developers in the current international technology scene. Founded in Barcelona just over 3 years ago and already present in 30 countries, it has more than 25,000 users and 500 corporate customers. Zyncro is an Enterprise Social Network, a private work environment for sharing information securely and socially. It is the most flexible social business platform, bringing organizations a new way to work: collaboration, communication & innovation.

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