Drive unified communication in your company through Zyncro’s integration with Lync

Lync is Microsoft’s unified communications technology for enterprises. The system provides users with instant messaging and voice and video calls, all in one place, improving people’s connectivity and boosting productivity in organisations.

Lync integration with Zyncro will make your teams communication more effective and cut costs.

One of the core requirements of effective team collaboration is knowing which of your colleagues are working, connected and available. This is particularly essential for relocated organisations or companies with teams operating in different time zones.

Following this integration, you will be able to see which people in your company are connected at all times—using both your Enterprise Social Network’s wall and your people directory—and start a conversation, a call or an online meeting with whoever you want from there.

How does Zyncro’s integration with Lync work?

To use this integration, you need to have Lync installed on the devices with which users access their corporate Zyncro. To set it up, the organisation’s administrator has to enable this ZyncroApp in the Admin Panel.

Next, users have to configure it using their Zyncro corporate profile > Contact information. They can do this by entering their Lync username and selecting the “I have Lync client installed” checkbox.


You will see the following on the Zyncro wall and people list:

  • A coloured bar next to each user that will tell you if the person is available so that you can contact them (green), if they are disconnected (orange) or connected but busy (red).
  • A button to start a chat
  • A button to start a call


You can use instant messaging for urgent issues, quick queries, voice calls and organising online meetings, all this without incurring extra communication costs.

Exceptionally, if you ever log onto your Enterprise Social Network on a computer which doesn’t have the Lync client installed, you can still use this system for instant communication with your contacts using a web window that is very similar to Lync chat. To do this, simply go to the section where you set up the integration and deselect the “I have Lync client installed” checkbox leaving only your username.

Together, Zyncro and Lync help you to enhance communication in your company, streamline processes, optimise resources and cut costs. Activate it now!

If you want to start using it in your company, contact our sales team: sales (@)

Agustín Bosso is the Product Manager at Zyncro. His relationship with the company goes back to its origins. He worked as a developer on several projects in the group, but he openly requested his direct transfer to Zyncro as soon as the company began to take shape in the line of his passion: social networks and its practical uses. His personal goal inside Zyncro is to be a link between the tech culture that’s streaming information and the business and commercial world. His motto is that one must never lose sight of what computing is about: Automatic information.