everis and Zyncro to develop professional apps for sharing electronic medical records

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  • The agreement will make it possible to connect ehCOS suite business community users worldwide
  • Late this year collaborative clinical apps linking the expertise and products of both companies are to be launched

everis, the multinational consultancy firm, and Zyncro, the largest Enterprise SoZyncro&everiscial Network in Mexico and Spain, have reached an agreement to build communications solutions 2.0 in the health industry. The partnership will generate tools that integrate electronic medical records onto a digital platform where doctors and hospitals can share information and medical opinions in real time irrespective of where they are physically.

That means the solutions developed by everis and Zyncro will speed up clinical diagnosis using a system similar to that employed in social networks, but equipped with all the latest security and privacy technologies which define Zyncro as an enterprise social network.

Likewise, doctors will be able to communicate securely and privately with their patients. In addition to reducing the time taken to choose appropriate treatment, this will significantly improve patient engagement.

Under this agreement everis and Zyncro have synergized their knowledge to harness the power of enterprise social networks and thus improve the way health organisations operate. Using marketing tools, health providers will be able to inform, listen and converse with patients while engaging them and increasing their commitment to looking after their own health.

The industry is at a key stage in adopting Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and is seeking to take advantage of the impact enterprise social networks and innovation 2.0 are now having on companies and organisations.

Against this backdrop everis has created its ehCOS strategy, a raft of solutions meeting the challenges of the health industry particularly in terms of electronic medical records. In Zyncro it has found the enterprise social network platform which dovetails with its strategy.

The ehCOS suite

everis’s ability to deliver comprehensive solutions to its clients, with ehCOS as its award-winning project, and Zyncro’s skills in productively driving social communication and collaboration between users will make it possible to design a differential, innovative and high added-value solution to integrate social networks into the hospital environment and facilitate the doctor-patient relationship.

“Zyncro and ehCOS are open platforms that are easy to integrate and we have used them to set up ehCOS Business Community, a modern, scalable and global communication channel for ongoing, real-time contact with our community of developers, partners, customers and even end users of the system”, says Mario Chao, Director of everis Health. “Not only will we set up ehCOS’s own social network, but we will also design ehCOS Social Health, a set of professional solutions for hospitals and clinics to optimise functions and improve communication between practitioners and patients. We will then integrate it in ehCOS CLINIC, our system for Electronic Medical Records.”

“ehCOS Social Health has been strategically developed in the innovative 2.0 environment to set up the world’s first global health community entirely based on a social ecosystem for its users”, adds José Vicente, CEO of Zyncro USA. “We are proud to play a part as a spearhead in driving optimisation, collaboration and communication among doctors, specialists and patients, thus becoming a positive leader in the health industry.”

About everis, an NTT DATA Company

everis, an NTT DATA Company, is a multinational consultancy firm that offers solutions for business, strategy, technological application development and maintenance and outsourcing. The company, which operates in the telecommunications, financial, industrial, utilities, energy, government and health industries, reported €591 million in turnover last year. It currently employs 10,600 professionals at its offices and high performance centres in 13 countries.

The consultancy firm is a member of the NTT DATA group, ranked sixth among global IT services companies with 70,000 professionals and operations in Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America and North America. Being part of NTT DATA enables everis to deliver a wider range of even more innovative solutions and services to its customersthrough increased capacity as well as technological, geographical and financial resources.

About Zyncro

Zyncro Tech is one of the leading social software manufacturers on the current international technology scene. Founded in Barcelona a little over 3 years ago and already present in 28 countries, it has more than 25,000 users and 500 corporate customers. Zyncro is an Enterprise Social Network, a private work environment for sharing information securely and socially. Zyncro is the most flexible social business platform, bringing organizations a new way to work: collaboration, communication & innovation.