Zyncro 4.3: Trusted relationships between organizations, multipoint posting, mentions of user groups and more

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Today marks the launch of Zyncro 4.3, with functionality that increases the reach of your Enterprise Social Network, enhances synergies between organizations and improves user efficiency by allowing tasks to be performed in fewer steps. Specifically, the principal new features of this version are:

  1. Ability to exchange information privately and securely between different organizations: Trust Relationships
  2. Ability to simultaneously post messages in more than one group and/or organization : Multipoint Posting
  3. Ability to mention complete groups of users (groups, departments or personal lists) in a single step: ZyncroApp 2.0 Mention
  4. Ability to mention someone when you quote a message:  ZyncroApp 2.0 Quote
  5. Several performance enhancements

1. Trust Relationships

The trust relationships functionality allows you to  determine the organizations that can share more information than the groups among themselves, in a simple, private, secure and fast method. To do so, the organization administrator goes to the “Security and Privacy” section to categorise “trusted organizations” into three main groups:

  1. Organizations I trust
  2. Organizations that trust in our organization
  3. People in trusted organizations who can post in our corporate news

In the first two, you can also establish how far the “trust” extends between organizations. This concept offers the chance for these organizations to share with each other:

  • Personal news
  • Corporate news
  • Open Groups: so that users from other organizations can see them and join if they wish
  • Departments: so that users from other organizations can view them and follow them, if they wish
  • Contacts: so that your users (or some of them) automatically become contacts of users in other organizations
  • Lists of people

The administrator will have a whole new section dedicated to the configuration of these “trusted organizations” so that Zyncro can fully meet the needs of your company, business group or association. Configuring Zyncro trusted organisations Organisations I trust This functionality has been specially designed for large organizations with different communication areas, departments or communities formed as different Zyncro organizations, networks or clusters of companies or any other group with more powerful communication needs than the interaction offered up to now  by Zyncro groups.

2. Multipoint Posting

As well as setting up trust relations between organizations, the new Zyncro 4.3 makes it possible to post a message in a single step from the text box in the start section:

  • As a personal news item
  • As a corporate news item
  • As a private message
  • In several groups
  • Or even in several departments

All at the same time and with a single click! We call this new function ”Multi-Point Posting”, because from a single starting point you can send messages and content to all the spaces you want where you are authorised to post. As you can see in the following example, the message sent in this post will be simultaneously posted to the groups “310. Product Marketing Docs”, “Customer Success Department – Sales EMEA-USA” and “Human Capital Management”. You can also send it as a private message or as a personal or corporate news item (if you are authorised). All at the same time. Multi-Point Posting

3. Mention 2.0

ZyncroApp 2.0 increases the ability to “mention” users within an Enterprise Social Network. Mention 2.0 lets you mention a group of users in a single step by entering:

  • Group Name —> all members will receive notification that they have been mentioned
  • Department Name —> all members will receive notification that they have been mentioned
  • Personal Lists —> created previously in the People section

Just like up to now, the mention will be made using the “@” symbol followed by the name (of a user, a group, a department or a list) mentioned.

4. Quote 2.0

From now on, you can also mention someone when you quote the words of another user. This way, the user mentioned will receive notification of the message which was posted by a third person that you want to

5. There’s more…

Finally, in this version we have corrected a few minor issues and bugs and made some improvements to the general performance.

Find out everything that Zyncro 4.3 has to offer in this video!

With Zyncro 4.3 you can enhance synergies between organizations, improving the efficiency of your users, who will be able to carry out more tasks in fewer steps. Are you ready for 4.3?

Agustin Bosso, Product Manager at Zyncro. His relationship to the company goes back to its very beginnings. He worked as a developer on several projects for the group, but he specifically asked to be transferred to Zyncro when it started to go in the direction of his personal passion: social networks and how they can be used in practice. His personal objective in Zyncro is to be the link between the technical culture that is speeding up data transfer at a rate of knots and the business and corporate world. His motto is that one must never lose sight of what computing is: Automatic information.

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