3 different ways to use Zyncro as a Social Business platform

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Today at Zyncro we’re presenting a new infographic — it’s a very simple illustration of 3 different ways to use our platform and make the most of its features so that your business benefits. What was once a mere product is now a solution that can respond to the needs of any company.

Infographic - Social Business Platform - EN

1. Zyncro as an Enterprise Social Network, a centralized social tool for corporate communication.

This gives your employees and partners a space where they can share, collaborate and participate in your company’s insider knowledge. They’ll exchange more information more efficiently, internal communication will run smoother and you’ll have a centralized platform where you can manage projects, documentation and contacts.

Feel free to take a closer look at the benefits waiting to be uncovered, or if you prefer or read our white paper “Why implement an Enterprise Social Network?” (from which we have also made an infographic).

2. Zyncro as a Private Social Network for building social communities around a brand, company, event, team, etc.

You can set up digital clubs or virtual communities based on teams, institutions, brands, events or celebrities. This means you can offer a new experience to customers and/or fans, making it possible to grow, generate loyalty, and bring added value. Have a detailed look at the benefits here.

In the blog we’ve dealt with this area on various occasions, explaining what Private Social Networks are capable of and how they can work for your business. We’ve showed how they’re different from Facebook and to boot we’ve told you about our project with everis in Mexico, creating a community in which doctors and hospitals can share medical histories and patient information in real time.

3. Zyncro as a Business Processes Socializer.

Getting rid of defects and increasing productivity in all the daily processes of the corporate world. More and more, organizations need to evolve their production model and improve efficiency with fewer resources. How can they achieve this? By implementing work methods and technology that allow for the optimization of processes, greater cohesion and communication between different areas of the business, and shared creation and access to the most important asset in any organization: knowledge.

Enterprise Social Networks
are the key to efficient internal communication.

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